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The Europa League is back and our BetandSlots team is providing you analysis, predictions and betting tips to ...
The Europa League is back and our BetandSlots team is providing you analysis, predictions and betting tips to ...

Europa League predictions, betting analysis, tips and strategies

europa league predictions

Europa League Predictions

The UEFA Europa League is the second-highest football cup competition in Europe. It is not as lucrative as the Champions League for the teams but can be very profitable for punters. Which Europa League predictions could pay off and which Europa League betting strategy may prove to be the winning one can be found in Betandslots where our expert tipsters do all the hard work for you to enjoy predictions and tips.

You will find how to bet on Europa League matches having your winning odds elevated. We analyse the team and player statistics, their form and every trend in order to give you the Europa League predictions and tips. Everything deeply and in detail analyzed.

If you are searching for the best free betting tips, you’re in safe hands. Our Europa League football experts analyze every possible detail before selecting their tips, while checking the bookmaker odds. It’s hard to get better and more accurate information!

Europa League predictions, betting strategies and tips in brief

The second strongest football teams from Europe meet in the Europa League. So you can basically assume that there will often be close games or that many goals will be scored. The logical conclusion would, therefore, be that in most cases both teams score. We’ll take a closer look at whether this is really the case later. These two statistics would, of course, find room in a possible betting strategy. We will examine in more detail how far half -time bets, win-to-zero bets, draw no bet or a double chance strategically fit into a Europa League tip.

Europa League betting strategies at a glance

Here you will find a selection of possible betting strategies that are particularly suitable for the Europa League:

  • Over / Under betting combined with a tip 1 or tip 2 or as a single bet
  • Half Betting with other bet types as single bets placed
  • Live betting strategy
  • Card betting strategy
  • Cashout strategy
  • Combo betting strategy
  • Long-term or favorite bets

Over/under goals guarantees lucrative betting tips

Over / under betting is always welcome in a Europa League betting strategy because the Europa League is known for lucrative odds. Over the past 3 seasons (2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19) , there have been an average of over 2.7 goals in every Europa League game. The trend continued in 2019/20. Of course, this does not apply to every game, but this balance sheet is trend-setting. So you should get enough information about the selected game before placing a bet. Nevertheless, this speaks for a placement on over 2.5 goals or a bet on less than 3.5 goals. We have not yet considered the 2019/20 season in the following table. The goal cut after 176 games is 2,789. 491 goals were scored.

Season Games Average goals

  • 2018/2019 205 2.75
  • 2017/2018 205 2.71
  • 2016/2017 205 2.75
  • 2015/2016 205 2.61
  • 2014/2015 205 2.67

Both teams to score – yes or no?

The goal balance of the last few years naturally allows the assumption that both teams often score. In 79 Europa League games, out of 176, only one team has scored. It did not matter whether a favorite played against an underdog or whether teams of similar strength faced each other. Accordingly, we can only repeat that you inform yourself sufficiently about the upcoming game before placing a bet. In the betting tips written by our experts, you will find the corresponding information about the individual games.

Bet on the outsider

Placing a bet on the outsider is certainly exciting. As a betting tip, we would recommend this betting strategy if, for example, a favorite has already qualified for the group stage or intermediate round or if a team has nothing to fear anymore. Then an outsider bet could well pay off. In the final rounds, the pairing would have to be carefully analyzed to consider an outsider bet. In our betting tips and forecasts you will always be informed about this.

Are “win-to-zero bets” strategically advisable?

As we analysed, only one team scores in about 50% of the games in the halftime of the Europa League. In the 2018/19 season, only one team also scored (in both halves) in 103 of 205 games. Before we would give such a tip, it is advisable to analyze both teams carefully.

  • How strong is the home team?
  • Are there any weaknesses away from home?
  • How good is the defense?
  • How good is the attack?
  • Are there any important values coming from the H2Hs?

All of these questions need to be answered. Then such a bet variant could prove to be lucrative.

Draw No Bet or Double Chance?

Such a betting option is not really appropriate in a Europa League. There is very rarely a tie in the Europa League, so these two special bets are strategically uninteresting. A tie can only occur in the group phase. In the knockout phase, such a bet would only be welcome if you assume that there will be a draw in regular time. We only recommend a double chance or draw no bet if the outsider has justified chances of winning or if teams of similar strength face each other.

Live betting tips

As we mentioned in the introduction, there can always be close games in the Europa League. So it makes sense to place a bet only during the game through live betting, because you get an impression of how both teams appear and how their level of form is in real time. And then place the appropriate bet. Sometimes it is also the case that the odds for a possible bet variant are too low. Even then it is advisable to exercise patience and, if the odds adjust during the game , to place the bet.

Place bets on yellow and red cards

Placing bets on yellow and red cards that are dealt in a game could be a good betting strategy, but you should always take a look at the statistics of the season. Those statistics show even how many fouls a team committed or how often they were fouled. Accordingly, such a betting variant could be a welcome change in the otherwise more usual Europa League tips.

Use the cash out strategy

A cashout function is increasingly used in betting strategies. We can only recommend this option to you, because it also allows riskier tips to be placed in the Europa League, which are accordingly lucrative. If you notice during a game that the tide is turning to your disadvantage, you can use the cashout function and secure yourself at least a partial profit. However, you should make sure beforehand whether your bookmaker also offers such a function for the desired event.

Are combo bets strategically useful?

With combi bets odds can be increased, which also allows a higher payout. However, all events must be included in a combination bet, which in turn increases the risk. As with most betting strategies, whoever gets information has an advantage. We can only recommend a combination betting strategy if a favourite meets an outsider.

Then it is almost certain that a winning bet will go up on the favourites. Here it could pay off to bet on odds around 1.30 or lower. More than 4 events we would not advise you to place in a combination bet. This keeps the risk within limits. For example, if you place 4 selections in a combination bet, the total odds would be 2.85. With a stake of €50 you would, therefore, be able to withdraw €142.80. If you had split the €50 into 4 events with odds of 1.30 as a single bet, you would only receive a total of € 62.40.

Long-term betting or betting on the favourites

Betting on the future Europa League champions can be attractive and is also a pleasure to do. Of course, this is a risky undertaking. Placing your bet on the favourites in a game is advisable either before the game if the odds are correct or lucrative or as a live bet if the odds have been adjusted in your favour.

Finally, what can we advise you about the Europa League betting strategies and tips? Basically, a betting strategy is lucrative if enough information has been collected. Then it is a matter of selecting the suitable betting variants and submitting them to the right bookmaker in the right time. With the right sports betting provider we mean: either with the bookmaker you trust or with the one we compare in the odds and in the betting tips proposed to you.

Recent Europa League winners

  • 2018/19: Chelsea
  • 2017/18: Atletico Madrid
  • 2016/17: Manchester United
  • 2015/16: Seville
  • 2014/15: Seville
  • 2013/14: Seville

Bet on Europa League and more football betting tips

You will find a great range of different tips to bet on the Europa League matches. Here you can check the full range of free football tips and predictions:


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