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Since for most bookies eSports is a new ground, players can find amazing betting opportunities, such as very high odds for favorites as well as massive differences in odds between the bookmakers. That’s why BetandSlots is offering daily eSports predictions and free eSports betting tips. 

In the eSports area, expert opinions very often diverge and betting providers do not buy odds centrally, but create them manually with the help of experts. This means eSport insiders can take advantage of this and, with a little research, sometimes place guaranteed loss-free bets. In any case, it is worthwhile to register with several bookmakers and to watch the odds carefully. 

Players can take advantage of this new field and open accounts on the best eSports betting sites in the market, fuel their accounts with bonuses and bet on eSports. 

Your free eSports predictions and daily eSports betting tips

DateSportCompetitionMatchPredictionOddsPlay Now
23-JulTennisCroatia OpenBernabe Zapata Miralles - Dusan Lajovic21X2acca1.68
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JuleSportsLoLJ Team - Hong Kong Attitude11X21.30
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootball2. BundesligaSchalke - HamburgX1X2Draw3.34
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootball2. BundesligaSchalke - Hamburg1 DNBDNB1.77
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballAustriaSturm Graz - Red Bull SalzburgOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballAustriaSturm Graz - Red Bull Salzburg1XDouble Chance2.43
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballBelgiumStandard Liege - Genk2 DNBDNB1.77
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballBulgariaBeroe Stara Zagora - Lokomotiv Sofia11X21.46
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresInternacional - Olimpia11X21.53
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballFinlandHIFK - KTP1-0, 2-0Correct Scorebomb6.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballFinlandHIFK - KTP11X21.44
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballFinlandSalPa - KaaPoX/2HT/FTbomb5.20
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballFinlandSalPa - KaaPo21X22.26
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballGermany 3Osnabruck - Duisburg11X22.26
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballGermany 3Osnabruck - Duisburg1 DNBDNB1.61
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballGermany 3Osnabruck - DuisburgBTTS YESBTTS1.77
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballRussiaRostov - Dynamo Moscow21X22.38
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulFootballSwitzerland 2Thun - Yverdon11X21.82
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulGreyhoundRomford18:58 - Bockos Jon JowinnerwinnerBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulGreyhoundRomford20:17 - Cheeky ChloewinnerwinnerBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulGreyhoundRomford20:38 - Rail MccoywinnerwinnerBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingAscot13:55 - Ehrazwinnerplace1.44
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingAscot16:10 - Tis Marvellousplaceplacebomb5.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingChepstow19:10 - Baileysgutfeelingwinnerplace3.24
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingChepstow19:40 - Pink Flamingoplaceplacebomb9.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingCork18:15 - Messa Concertataplaceplace4.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingNewmarket18:22 - Fall of Romewinnerplace3.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingNewmarket19:52 - Danni Californiaplaceplacebomb5.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingThirsk14:20 - Flaming Ribwinnerplace2.25
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingThirsk14:50 - Ingleby Hollowplaceplace4.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingThirsk16:00 - Iris Dancerwinnerplace2.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingUttoxeter15:50 - As High Saywinnerplace2.37
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingUttoxeter16:20 - Pisgah Pikeplaceplace2.25
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingYork20:00 - Kettle Hillwinnerplace3.74
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingYork20:30 - International Girlwinnerplace2.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulHorse RacingYork20:30 - Lost My Sockplaceplacebomb8.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisCroatia OpenAlbert Ramos-Vinolas - Stefano Travaglia11X21.69
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisLos Cabos OpenAlex Bolt - John Isner21X2acca1.29
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisLos Cabos OpenCameron Norrie - Ernesto Escobedo11X2acca1.30
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisLos Cabos OpenJordan Thompson - Brandon Nakashima11X22.58
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisLos Cabos OpenTaylor Harry Fritz - Steve Johnson11X21.41
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisSwiss OpenCasper Ruud - Benoit Paire11X2acca1.18
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisSwiss OpenLaslo Djere - Arthur Rinderknech2-1Correct ScoreBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
23-JulTennisSwiss OpenVit Kopriva - Mikael Ymer21X21.61
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulCyclingOlympics 2020Men's Road RaceTadej Pogacarwinnerbomb4.62
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JuleSportsLoL Edward Gaming - Team WE11X21.15
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaDarmstadt - RegensburgX2Double Chance2.79
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaDarmstadt - RegensburgOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.70
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaDynamo Dresden - Ingolstadt1XDouble Chance1.43
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaHansa Rostock - Karlsuhe1XDouble Chance1.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaHeidenheim - Paderborn1XDouble Chance1.42
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaWerder Bremen - Hannover11X22.03
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootball2. BundesligaWerder Bremen - Hannover1 DNBDNB1.49
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballAustriaAltach - LASK Linz21X21.61
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballAustriaRapid Wien - Hartberg11X21.48
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballAustriaRapid Wien - HartbergX2Double Chance2.75
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballAustriaTirol - Admira Wacker2 DNBDNB3.18
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballBelgiumOostende - Charleroi11X22.29
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballCzech RepJablonec - Banik Ostrava11X21.97
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballCzech RepSparta Prague - Sigma Olomouc11X21.33
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballFrance 2Bastia - Nimes21X22.54
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballFrance 2Pau - Nancy21X22.97
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballFrance 2Toulouse - Ajaccio11X22.04
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 31860 Munchen - Wurzburger Kickers11X21.93
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Halle - Meppen11X21.94
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Havelse - Saarbrucken21X21.99
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Kaiserslautern - Braunschweig21X23.38
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Kaiserslautern - BraunschweigX2Double Chance1.74
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Mannheim - MadgenburgX1X2Draw3.46
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Mannheim - Madgenburg2 (-1.5)Handicapbomb4.54
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballGermany 3Zwickau - Borussia Dortmund IIBTTS YESBTTS1.63
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballMexicoNexaca - Santos Laguna21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballOlympics 2020Sweden (women) - Australia (women)11X21.55
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballRussiaKhimki - Zenit Saint Petersburg21X21.37
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballRussiaLokomotiv Moscow - Arsenal Tula11X21.68
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballSerbiaNovi Pazar - Cukaricki21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballSwitzerlandLausanne - St. GallenOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.67
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballSwitzerlandLucerne - Young Boys21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballUruguayMontevideo Wanderers - ProgresoX1X2DrawBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulFootballUSA MLSAtlanta United - Columbus CrewX2Double Chance1.71
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHandballOlympics 2020Germany - Spain11X23.04
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHandballOlympics 2020Norway - Brazil21X2bomb15.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingAscot15:35 - Lone Eagleplaceplacebomb6.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingAscot16:10 - Camelot Talesplaceplace3.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingAscot16:10 - Doctor ParnassusplaceplacebombBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingAscot17:00 - C'mon KennyplaceplaceBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingNewcastle14:10 - Freddy RobinsondplaceplaceBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingNewcastle15:20 - Third Kingdomplaceplace4.32
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingNewmarket15:40 - Wahraanwinnerplace2.25
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingNewmarket16:50 - Jadwalplaceplace6.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingNewmarket16:50 - Nomadic Empireplaceplacebomb7.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingNewmarket18:25 - Yankee Stadiumwinnerplace4.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingSalisbury18:35 - American StarplaceplaceBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingSalisbury20:35 - Fleurmanplaceplacebomb5.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingYork14:40 - Music Societyplaceplacebomb10.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingYork16:25 - GhaadbbaanplaceplaceBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulHorse RacingYork16:25 - Monsieur Lambraysplaceplacebomb7.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulSwimmingOlympics 2020Butterfly 100mMaggie Macneilwinnerbomb5.60
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulTennisOlympics 2020Andy Murray - Felix Auger Aliassime21X21.36
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulTennisOlympics 2020Aslan Karatsev - Tommy Paul2-0Correct Score1.97
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulTennisOlympics 2020Kei Nishikori - Andrey Rublev11X2bomb3.24
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulTennisOlympics 2020Novak Djokovic - Hugo Dellien2-0Correct Scoreacca1.09
Bet now with BetandSlots
24-JulTennisOlympics 2020Philipp Kohlschreiber - Stefanos Tsitsipas0-2Correct Score1.42
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulBasketballOlympics 2020France - USA2 (-8.5)Handicapacca1.50
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulBasketballOlympics 2020Germany - Italy1 (+6.5)Handicap1.44
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootball2. BundesligaNurnberg - Erzgebirge AueBTTS YESBTTS1.74
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootball2. BundesligaSandhausen - Fortuna Dusseldorf21X22.24
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootball2. BundesligaSchalke 04 - HamburgBTTS YESBTTS1.56
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootball2. BundesligaSt. Pauli - Holstein Kiel21X22.45
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootball2. BundesligaSt. Pauli - Holstein KielBTTS YESBTTS1.51
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballAustriaAustria Klagenfurt - WolfsbergerBTTS YESBTTSBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballAustriaRied - Austria Wien21X22.25
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballBelgiumAnderlecht - Union Saint Gilloise11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballBelgiumClub Brugge - Eupen11X21.20
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballBelgiumMechelen - Antwerp21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballBelgiumSt Truiden - Gent21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballBulgariaLokomotiv Plovdiv - LudogoretsX1X2DrawBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballCzech RepPlzen - Mlada Boleslav11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballCzech RepSlovan Liberec - SlovackoX1X2DrawBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballCzech RepZlin - Slavia Prague21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballCzech Rep 2Taborsko - Brno21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballGermany 3Verl - Turkgucu Munchen11X22.06
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballGermany 3Verl - Turkgucu MunchenOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.72
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballGermany 3Viktoria 1899 - Viktoria Koln1XDouble ChanceBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballGermany RegEileburg - Chemie Leipzig21X22.45
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballMexicoPumas - Atlas21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballOlympics 2020Saudi Arabia - GermanyOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballRomaniaSteaua Bucharest - Universitatea CraiovaX1X2DrawBET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballRussiaCSKA Moscow - UFA11X21.56
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballSlovakiaSpartak Trnava - Pohronie11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballSlovakiaZilina - Sered11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballSloveniaRadomlje - Olimpija21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballSwitzerlandGrasshoppers - Basel21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballSwitzerlandLugano - Zurich11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulFootballSwitzerlandSion - Servette21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulHandballOlympics 2020Hungary (Women) - France (Women)21X21.44
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulTennisOlympics 2020Alexander Zverev - Yen-Hsun LuUnder 18.5Under/Over1.60
Bet now with BetandSlots
25-JulTennisOlympics 2020Ashleigh Barty - Sara Sorribes TormoUnder 19.5Under/Over1.61
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootball France 2Dijon - SchochauxX1X2Draw3.34
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballChileUniversidad Catolica - O Higgins11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballFrance 2Dijon - SchochauxUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.5BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballGermany 3Freiburg II - Wehen Wiesbaden21X22.34
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballGermany 3Freiburg II - Wehen WiesbadenOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51.83
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballMexicoMonterey - Puebla21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballPolandWisla Krakow - Zaglebie LubinX1X2Draw3.52
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballRussiaNizhniy Novgorod - Sochi21X22.18
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballSwedenGAIS - Akropolis21X23.20
Bet now with BetandSlots
26-JulFootballUkraineAlliance Lypova Dolyna - Metalist Kharkiv11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
27-JulFootballArgentinaArgentinos Juniors - Newells Old Boys11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
27-JulFootballBrazilCuiaba - Corinthians21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
27-JulFootballMexicoCruz Azul - Mazatlan11X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
27-JulFootballParaguay12 de Octubre - Olimpia21X2BET
Bet now with BetandSlots
29-JulHorse Racing AntepostQatar Nassau15:35 - Joan of Arcplaceplace9.00
Bet now with BetandSlots
31-JulHorse Racing AntepostQatar Nassau14:05 - MoneykennyplaceplaceBET
Bet now with BetandSlots

Our latest successful eSports tips

22-JuneSportsCS:GOforZe - GamerLegion1 (-1.5)Handicap2-0
22-JulFootballChinaShanghai Port - Hebei1-0, 2-0Correct Scorebomb1-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueAberdeen - HackenBTTS YESBTTS5-1
22-JulFootballConference LeagueAstana - Aris11X22-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueBasel - Partizani Tirana1 to nilWin to nil3-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueBasel - Partizani Tirana3-0, 4-0Correct Score3-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueCopenhagen - Torpedo ZhodinoOver 2.5Under/Over 2.54-1
22-JulFootballConference LeagueCSKA Sofia - LiepajaX1X2Draw0-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueDrita - Feyenoord1XDouble Chance0-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueElfsborg - MilsamiBTTS NOBTTS4-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueGent - ValerengaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.54-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueHafnarfjordur - Rosenborg21X20-2
22-JulFootballConference LeagueMolde - Servette1 to nilWin to nil3-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueMolde - ServetteOver 2.5Under/Over 2.53-0
22-JulFootballConference LeaguePetrocub - Sivasspor21X20-1
22-JulFootballConference LeaguePogon Szczecin - Osijek2 DNBDNB0-0
22-JulFootballConference LeagueUjpest - VaduzBTTS YESBTTS2-1
22-JulFootballConference LeagueUjpest - VaduzOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-1
22-JulFootballConference LeagueValur - Bodo-GlimtOver 2.5Under/Over 2.50-3
22-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresBarcelona Sporting Club - Velez SarsfieldOver 2.5Under/Over 2.53-1
22-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresFlamengo - Defensa Y Justicia11X24-1
22-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresFlamengo - Defensa Y Justicia2 (+1.5)Handicap4-1
22-JulFootballOlympics 2020Brazil - Germany11X24-2
22-JulFootballOlympics 2020Mexico - FranceBTTS YESBTTS4-1
22-JulGreyhoundHove19:56 - Seasons MyrtlewinnerwinnerWINNER
22-JulHorse RacingSandown15:20 - Old Newsplaceplacebomb2nd place
22-JulHorse RacingSandown15:55 - AndaleepplacewinnerbombWINNER
22-JulHorse RacingWorcester14:55 - Fatique De L'isleplacewinnerbomb2nd place
22-JulHorse RacingYarmouth14:00 - Molly ShawwinnerplaceWINNER
22-JulHorse RacingYarmouth17:25 - Hostelryplaceplace2nd place
21-JulTennisGstaad OpenMarc Polmans - Cristian Garin0-2Correct Score0-2
21-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Phoenix Suns1 (-5.5)Handicap105-98
21-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Phoenix SunsChris Paul Over 21.5Under/Over26
21-JulFootballBrazilClube do Remo - Cruzeiro1XDouble Chance1-0
21-JulFootballBrazilClube do Remo - Cruzeiro1XDouble Chance1-0
21-JulFootballBrazilLondrina - ConfiancaX1X2Draw0-0
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueKairat Almaty - Red Star Belgrade1XDouble Chance2-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueLegia Warsaw - Flora Tallinn11X22-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueMalmo - HJK Helsinki11X22-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueMalmo - HJK HelsinkiBTTS YESBTTS2-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueOlympiacos - Nefchi Baku11X21-0
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueOlympiacos - Nefchi BakuUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-0
21-JulFootballChampions LeaguePSV Eindhoven - Galatasaray11X25-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeaguePSV Eindhoven - Galatasaray1/1HT/FT5-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeaguePSV Eindhoven - GalatasarayBTTS YESBTTS5-1
21-JulFootballChampions LeagueSlovan Bratislava - Young Boys2 DNBDNB0-0
21-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresAtletico Mineiro - Boca JuniorsUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-0
21-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresPalmeiras - Universidad Catolica11X21-0
21-JulFootballInternationalHeracles - PAOKOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-2
21-JulFootballScotland League CupMontrose - Dundee2 (-1)Handicap0-2
21-JulGreyhoundNewcastle19:58 - Coolavanny BaniwinnerwinnerWINNER
21-JulGreyhoundNewcastle21:16 - Potent TouchwinnerwinnerWINNER
21-JulHorse RacingBath15:30 - Delagate This Lordplaceplacebomb2nd place
21-JulHorse RacingBath16:00 - Running CloudplaceplacebombWINNER
21-JulHorse RacingCatterick13:50 - SfumatoplaceplacebombWINNER
21-JulHorse RacingCatterick16:25 - Alientoplaceplace2nd place
21-JulHorse RacingLeicester18:40 - Sky BrightplaceplaceWINNER
21-JulHorse RacingLingfield16:40 - SalsoulplaceplacebombWINNER
21-JulHorse RacingSandown18:00 - C'mon KennyplaceplaceWINNER
21-JulHorse RacingSandown18:00 - Militry Decorationplaceplacebomb2nd place
20-JulFootballArgentina 2Tigre - San Martin de Tucuman21X20-1
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueAlashkert - Sheriff Tiraspol21X20-1
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueCeltic - MidtjyllandBTTS YESBTTS1-1
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueDinamo Zagreb - Omonia11X2Draw2-0
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueFerencvarosi - Zalgiris11X22-0
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueFerencvarosi - Zalgiris1/1HT/FT2-0
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueLincoln Red Imps - CFR Cluj21X21-2
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueLincoln Red Imps - CFR ClujOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-2
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueRapid Wien - Sparta PragueOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-1
20-JulFootballChampions LeagueRapid Wien - Sparta PragueBTTS YESBTTS2-1
20-JulFootballColombiaDeportes Tolima - Pereira11X21-0
20-JulFootballFinlandMyPa - JaPSBTTS YESBTTS2-4
20-JulFootballScotland League CupEast Fife - Dundee United21X20-1
20-JulFootballScotland League CupHamilton - Ayr11X20-1
20-JulFootballScotland League CupPartick Thistle - Dumbarton11X22-0
20-JulFootballScotland League CupStenhousemuir - St. Mirren21X21-3
20-JulFootballScotland League CupStenhousemuir - St. Mirren2 (-1)Handicap1-3
20-JulFootballScotland League CupStirling - Hearts21X20-2
20-JulFootballScotland League CupStirling - Hearts2 (-1)Handicap0-2
20-JulGreyhoundTowcester20:54 - Brookside RichiewinnerwinnerWINNER
20-JulHorse RacingChelmsford19:05 - May SonicwinnerwinnerWINNER
20-JulHorse RacingChelmsford19:35 - EpidemicwinnerwinnerWINNER
20-JulHorse RacingChelmsford20:10 - Long TraditionwinnerwinnerWINNER
20-JulHorse RacingChelmsford20:40 - Hala Joudplaceplace3rd place
20-JulHorse RacingNottingham17:45 - AbatewinnerwinnerWINNER
20-JulHorse RacingNottingham18:45 - De MazzarowinnerwinnerWINNER
20-JulHorse RacingWolverhampton15:55 - Lancashire Lifeplacewinnerbomb3rd place
19-JulFootballBrazilInternacional - JuventudeX/1HT/FTbomb1-0
19-JulFootballColombiaPasto - Millonarios21X21-3
19-JulFootballDenmarkSilkeborg - SonderjyskeX2Double Chance0-0
19-JulFootballGold CupMexico - El Salvador1/1HT/FT1-0
19-JulFootballSwedenHalmstad - VarbergBTTS YESBTTS1-1
19-JulFootballVenezuelaMetropolitanos - Lala11X21-0
19-JulHorse RacingAyr13:35 - Global Humorplaceplace2nd place
19-JulHorse RacingAyr14:10 - Langholmplaceplacebomb3rd place
19-JulHorse RacingAyr15:20 - Shelirplaceplace2nd place
19-JulHorse RacingBallinrobe18:55 - Phoenix Cowboyplaceplace2nd place
19-JulHorse RacingBeverley19:50 - Amelia RplaceplaceWINNER
19-JulHorse RacingBeverley20:20 - Night Momentplaceplacebomb2nd place
19-JulHorse RacingCartmel16:45 - Empire De Mauldeplaceplacebomb2nd place
19-JulHorse RacingWindsor19:05 - Crocodile Tearsplaceplace2nd place
19-JulTennisUmag OpenHolger Vitus Nodskov Rune - Radu Albot21X21-2
18-JulBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Milwaukee Bucks2 (+4.5)Handicap119-123
18-JulBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Milwaukee BucksOver 218Under/Over119-123
18-JulFootballBrazilAtletico Clube Goianiense - Palmeiras21X20-3
18-JulFootballDenmarkAarhus - BrondbyX1X2Draw1-1
18-JulFootballFinlandAkatemia - JBKBTTS YESBTTS8-1
18-JulFootballFinlandOTP - Rovaniemi II11X24-0
18-JulFootballGold CupGrenada - Qatar2/2HT/FT0-4
18-JulFootballNorwayBrann - MjondalenX2Double Chance1-1
18-JulFootballNorwayHaugesund - Valerenga11X2bomb3-1
18-JulFootballNorwayHaugesund - ValerengaX/1HT/FTbomb3-1
18-JulFootballNorwayStromsgodset - Stabaek11X22-1
18-JulFootballSwedenAIK - Kalmar11X22-0
18-JulFootballSwedenEskilstuna - Sundsvall11X2bomb2-0
18-JulFootballSwedenEskilstuna - SundsvallX/1HT/FTbomb2-0
18-JulFootballSwedenEskilstuna - Sundsvall1XDouble Chance2-0
18-JulFootballSwedenGoteborg - Mjallby11X23-2
18-JulFootballSwedenOrebro - Hammarby21X20-2
18-JulFootballUruguaySud America - FenixOver 2.5Under/Over 2.54-1
18-JulFootballUSA MLSAtlanta United - New England21X20-1
18-JulGreyhoundCentral Park18:58 - Chosen by DesirewinnerwinnerWINNER
18-JulGreyhoundCentral Park20:17 - Warzone TomwinnerwinnerWINNER
18-JulGreyhoundCentral Park20:54 - Burnchurch MickwinnerwinnerWINNER
18-JulHorse RacingCurragh14:10 - Njordplaceplacebomb2nd place
18-JulHorse RacingCurragh14:10 - Power Under Meplaceplacebomb3rd place
18-JulHorse RacingCurragh14:45 - I Siyou BabyplaceplacebombWINNER
18-JulHorse RacingCurragh16:30 - Zaynudinplaceplace2nd place
18-JulHorse RacingCurragh17:00 - Hell BentplaceplaceWINNER
18-JulHorse RacingRedcar14:50 - Lady Nectarplaceplacebomb3rd place
18-JulHorse RacingRedcar14:50 - ZarzyniplaceplacebombWINNER
18-JulHorse RacingRedcar16:35 - WhatwouldyouknowplaceplacebombWINNER
18-JulHorse RacingStratford15:05 - Demon D'AunouplaceplaceWINNER
18-JulHorse RacingTipperary13:20 - HavingagoodtimeplaceplaceWINNER
16-JuleSportsDOTA2Team SMG - OB.Neon21X20-2
16-JulFootballAustria CupHertha - Red Bull SalzburgOver 4.5Under/Over1-4
16-JulFootballAustria CupRapid Wien - Wiener Viktoria1/1HT/FTacca6-0
16-JulFootballAustria CupWiener Sport-Club - Wolfsberger AC2/2HT/FT0-3
16-JulFootballAustria CupWiener Sport-Club - Wolfsberger AC2 (-2.5)Handicap0-3
16-JulFootballBelarusDinamo Brest - Sputnik RechitsaBTTS NOBTTS3-0
16-JulFootballChileAntofagasta - Santiago Wanderers11X21-0
16-JulFootballCopa SudamericanaSantos - Indepediente11X21-0
16-JulFootballDenmarkMidtjylland - OdenseBTTS YESBTTS1-2
16-JulFootballIrelandSt Patrick's Athletic - Drogheda United2-0, 2-1Correct Scorebomb2-0
16-JulFootballRomaniaCFR Cluj - FC U. Craiova11X23-2
16-JulFootballSerbiaCukaricki - Vozdovac11X22-1
16-JulGreyhoundRomford20:38 - Aayamza LexieplaceplaceWINNER
16-JulHorse RacingHamilton18:55 - Soul SeekerplaceplaceWINNER
16-JulHorse RacingHamilton19:30 - Commanche FallsplaceplacebombWINNER
16-JulHorse RacingHaydock13:15 - Autumn Warplaceplace2nd place
16-JulHorse RacingHaydock13:50 - Freddy Robinsonplaceplacebomb3rd place
16-JulHorse RacingHaydock15:00 - Water of Leithplaceplacebomb2nd place
16-JulHorse RacingKilbegan17:00 - Wild Shotplaceplace3rd place
16-JulHorse RacingNottingham14:35 - Pretty Greenplaceplace3rd place
16-JulTennisHall of Fame OpenJordan Thompson - Maxime Cressy11X22-0
16-JulTennisNordea OpenCasper Ruud - Henri Laaksonen11X2walkover
17-JulFootballArgentinaLanus - Atletico Tucuman11X24-2
17-JulFootballArgentinaSarmiento - EstudiantesX/2HT/FTbomb0-3
17-JulFootballAustria CupStadl-Paura - Sturm Graz2/2HT/FT0-9
17-JulFootballBelgium Super CupClub Brugge - GenkOver 2.5Under/Over 2.53-2
17-JulFootballBelgium Super CupClub Brugge - Genk11X23-2
17-JulFootballBrazilCeara - Atletico PR11X21-0
17-JulFootballCroatiaRijeka - Gorica11X22-0
17-JulFootballGold CupGuadeloupe - JamaicaX/2HT/FTbomb1-2
17-JulFootballGold CupMartinique - USA2 (-2.5)Handicap1-6
17-JulFootballGold CupSurinam - Costa RicaX/2HT/FTbomb1-2
17-JulFootballNorwayOdd Grenland - Viking11X23-2
17-JulFootballNorwaySarpsborg - Bodo-GlimtBTTS YESBTTS2-2
17-JulFootballPoland Super CupLegia Warsaw - RakowBTTS YESBTTS1-1
17-JulFootballSerbiaBacka Topola - Novi Pazar11X22-0
17-JulFootballSerbiaProleter - Partizan21X20-4
17-JulFootballSwedenDegerfors - Malmo21X20-5
17-JulFootballSwedenElfsborg - OstersundOver 2.5Under/Over 2.53-0
17-JulFootballSwedenGAIS - Brage21X20-2
17-JulHorse RacingDoncaster18:35 - Moon IslandplaceplaceWINNER
17-JulHorse RacingNewbury13:50 - Derabplaceplace2nd place
17-JulHorse RacingNewbury16:10 - Dalanijujoplaceplacebomb3rd place
15-JuleSportsCS:GOforZe - SKADE11X22-0
15-JuleSportsLoLUnicorns of Love Sexy Edition - PENTA 186021X20-1
15-JulFootballConference LeagueBohemian - Stjarnan11X23-0
15-JulFootballConference LeagueBohemian - StjarnanOver 2.5Under/Over 2.53-0
15-JulFootballConference LeagueBreidablik - Racing Union11X22-0
15-JulFootballConference LeagueColeraine - Velez Mostar21X21-2
15-JulFootballConference LeagueDecic - Drita21X20-1
15-JulFootballConference LeagueKuPS - Noah1/1HT/FT5-0
15-JulFootballConference LeaguePuskas Akademia - Inter Turku11X22-0
15-JulFootballConference LeagueSarajevo - MilsamiUnder 3.5Under/Over0-1
15-JulFootballConference LeagueSlask Wroclaw - Paide1 (-1.5)Handicap2-0
15-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresDefensa y Justicia - Flamengo21X20-1
15-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresRiver Plate - Argentinos JuniorsX1X21-1
15-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresUniversidad Catolica - Palmeiras21X20-1
15-JulFootballFinlandMuSa - PK-352-3 GoalsTotal Goals1-1
15-JulFootballGold CupGuatemala - MexicoUnder 1.5 HTUnder/Over0-3
15-JulFootballGold CupGuatemala - Mexico2 to nilWin to nil0-3
15-JulFootballInternationalAEK - Apollon11X23-0
15-JulFootballNorwayAfturelding - OlafsvikBTTS YESBTTS6-1
15-JulHorse RacingEpsom Downs19:50 - Pure Bubblesplaceplace2nd place
15-JulHorse RacingEpsom Downs20:20 - OtagoplaceplaceWINNER
15-JulHorse RacingHamilton15:30 - Ireland's Eyeplaceplacebomb3rd place
15-JulHorse RacingLeicester13:15 - Already GoneplaceplacebombWINNER
15-JulHorse RacingLeopardstown18:00 - Maker of Kingsplaceplacebom2nd place
15-JulHorse RacingWorcester17:50 - El Borrachoplaceplace2nd place
15-JulTennisHamburg OpenCarlos Taberner - Pablo Carreno Busta0-2Correct Score0-2
15-JulTennisHamburg OpenFederico Delbonis - Albert Ramos-Vinolas11X22-0
14-JulFootballBrazilCerro Porteno - Fluminense21X20-2
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueAlashkert - Connah’s Quay11X21-0
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueAlashkert - Connah’s Quay1-0, 2-0Correct Scorebomb1-0
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueKairat - Maccabi Haifa11X22-0
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueLegia Warsaw - Bodo-Glimt1 DNBDNB2-0
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueLegia Warsaw - Bodo-Glimt11X22-0
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueNeftchi Baku - Dinamo Tbilisi11X22-1
14-JulFootballChampions LeagueNeftchi Baku - Dinamo TbilisiBTTS YESBTTS2-1
14-JulFootballCopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors - Atletico MGUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-0
14-JulFootballGold CupQatar - PanamaX1X23-3
14-JulFootballMoroccoMouloudia Oujda - Wydad21X20-2
14-JulFootballMoroccoRaja Casablanca - Moghreb Tetouan11X24-1
14-JulFootballScotland League CupArbroath - East Fife11X2acca2-0
14-JulFootballScotland League CupDundee - Elgin1 (-1)Handicap6-1
14-JulFootballScotland League CupQueen's Park - Motherwell21X20-1
14-JulHorse RacingCatterick16:05 - MuntadabplaceplaceWINNER
14-JulHorse RacingCatterick16:05 - Shawaamekhplaceplace3rd place
14-JulHorse RacingLingfield15:20 - Jessie Pyeplaceplace3rd place
14-JulHorse RacingUttoxeter15:40 - Yccs Portocervoplaceplace2nd place
14-JulHorse RacingUttoxeter16:15 - Fox's SocksplaceplacebombWINNER
14-JulHorse RacingWolverhampton19:15 - Fernando RahplaceplaceWINNER
14-JulHorse RacingYarmouth17:30 - Sassy Rascalplaceplace2nd place
14-JulTennisATPNikoloz Basilashvili - Sebastian Baez11X2walkover
14-JulTennisHall of Fame OpenAlexander Bublik - Ivo Karlovic11X22-1
14-JulTennisHall of Fame OpenYoshihito Nishioka - Jack Sock21X20-2
14-JulTennisHamburg OpenStefanos Tsitsipas - Dominik Koepfer2-0Correct Score2-0
15-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Phoenix Suns11X2109-103
15-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Phoenix Suns1 (-2.5)Handicap109-103
15-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Phoenix SunsUnder 222.5Under/Over109-103
11-JuleSportsCS:GOJaguares - Keyd Stars21X20-2
13-JulFootballChampions LeagueBanja Luka - CFR ClujUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.52-0
13-JulFootballChampions LeagueLinfield - Zalgiris21X21-2
13-JulFootballChampions LeagueLinfield - Zalgiris2 DNBDNB1-2
13-JulFootballChampions LeaguePrishtina - FerencvarosOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-3
13-JulFootballChampions LeaguePrishtina - Ferencvaros21X21-3
13-JulFootballChampions LeagueRiga - MalmoBTTS YESBTTS1-1
13-JulFootballChampions LeagueShakhtyor Soligorsk - Ludogorets2 DNBDNB0-1
13-JulFootballChampions LeagueShakhtyor Soligorsk - Ludogorets21X20-1
13-JulFootballGold CupJamaica - Suriname1/1HT/FT2-0
13-JulFootballGold CupJamaica - SurinameUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.52-0
13-JulGreyhoundTowcester18:58 - Headford MileyplaceplaceWINNER
13-JulGreyhoundTowcester19:36 - Tufty's TopgearplaceplaceWINNER
13-JulHorse RacingBath14:05 - Peggotyplaceplace2nd place
13-JulHorse RacingBath15:05 - Last Pageplaceplacebomb2nd place
13-JulHorse RacingBath16:05 - KenstoneplaceplaceWINNER
13-JulHorse RacingBeverley15:15 - Golden Flameplaceplace2nd place
13-JulHorse RacingBeverley17:20 - Dandy's Angelplaceplace3rd place
13-JulHorse RacingBrighton19:05 - KelmscottplaceplaceWINNER
13-JulHorse RacingBrighton18:35 - Esspeegeeplaceplacebomb2nd place
13-JulTennisHamburg Open Dusan Lajovic - Lucas Pouille11X22-0
13-JulTennisHamburg OpenJan-Lennard Struff - Laslo Djere11X22-0
13-JulTennisNordea OpenMikael Ymer - Emil Ruusuvuori21X21-2
12-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Phoenix Suns11X2120-100
12-JulFootballArgentinaSan Martin de San Juan - Barracas CentralX2Double Chance2-3
12-JulFootballGold CupCanada - Martinique1 (-1)Handicap4-1
12-JulFootballGold CupCanada - MartiniqueOver 2.5Under/Over 2.54-1
12-JulFootballGold CupUSA - Haiti1 to nilWin to nil1-0
12-JulFootballIcelandLeiknir Reykjavik - IA Akranes1/1HT/FT2-0
12-JulFootballPeruChavelines - Deportivo Coopsol11X21-0
12-JulFootballUruguayRentistas - Liverpool MontevideoOver 1.5Under/Over 1.52-1
12-JulGreyhoundHarlow20:23 - Hot ProductplaceplaceWINNER
12-JulHorse RacingAyr15:40 - Burscoughplaceplacebomb3rd place
12-JulHorse RacingAyr16:15 - Oh So Hotplaceplacebomb2nd place
12-JulHorse RacingKillarney19:15 - La Petite CocoplaceplaceWINNER
12-JulHorse RacingLingfield19:35 - Colonel FaulknerplaceplaceWINNER
11-JuleSportsCall of DutyLos Angeles Guerillas - Dallas Empire21X20-3
11-JuleSportsDOTA2Azimut - Potn9ki11X22-0
11-JuleSportsLoLVikingekrig - Dark Tigers11X21-0
11-JuleSportsLoLXTEN - Rainbow21X20-1
11-JulFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - ArgentinaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-1
11-JulFootballEuro 2020ItalyWinnerWinnerbomb
11-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - EnglandUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
11-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - EnglandUnder 8.5 CornersUnder/Over8
11-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - EnglandX1X2Draw1-1
11-JulFootballFinlandHaKa - KuPS21X20-1
11-JulFootballFinlandHonka - Oulu11X21-0
11-JulFootballGold CupMexico - TrinidadUnder 3.5Under/Over0-0
11-JulFootballJapanKashiwa Reysol - Kashima AntlersBTTS YESBTTS2-1
11-JulFootballJapanKashiwa Reysol - Kashima AntlersOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-1
11-JulFootballNorwayValerenga - LillestromBTTS YESBTTS2-2
11-JulFootballSwedenElfsborg - OrebroBTTS YESBTTS2-1
11-JulFootballSwedenElfsborg - Orebro11X22-1
11-JulFootballSwedenHammarby - Degefors11X25-1
11-JulFootballSwedenHelsingborgs - Akropolis11X21-0
11-JulFootballSwedenMjallby - Norrkoping21X20-1
11-JulFootballSwedenOstersunds - IFK Gothenburg2 DNBDNB2-3
11-JulFootballSwedenOstersunds - IFK Gothenburg21X22-3
11-JulGreyhoundCentral Park18:58 - Burnchurch MickplaceplaceWINNER
11-JulGreyhoundCentral Park20:54 - Galaxy Jaja BinxplaceplaceWINNER
11-JulHorse RacingFairyhouse14:10 - Mrs Bouquetplaceplace2nd place
11-JulHorse RacingSalisbury13:15 - Almadrinaplaceplace2nd place
11-JulHorse RacingSalisbury14:25 - Tartan Chiefplaceplace2nd place
11-JulHorse RacingSalisbury15:35 - Deep Snowplaceplace2nd place
11-JulHorse RacingSalisbury15:35 - Nell QuicklyplaceplaceWINNER
11-JulHorse RacingSalisbury16:45 - SnowalotplaceplaceWINNER
11-JulMartial ArtsUFCGilbert Burns - Stephen Thompson11X2Decision R3
9-JuleSportsLoLRogue - Misfits Gaming11X21-0
9-JuleSportsLoLTeam Vitality - Fnatic21X20-1
10-JuleSportsLoLKT Rolster - Fredit BRION11X22-1
9-JulBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Milwaukee Bucks11X2118-105
9-JulBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Milwaukee Bucks1 (-3.5)Handicap118-105
9-JulFootballBrazilChapecoense - Corinthians21X20-1
9-JulFootballIcelandAfturelding - Fram21X20-2
9-JulFootballIrelandFinn Harps - Waterford21X2bomb0-1
9-JulFootballSwedenTrollhattan - Vanersborgs11X24-3
9-JulFootballSwedenTrollhattan - VanersborgsOver 3.5Under/Over4-3
9-JulFootballUSA MLSNew York Red Bulls - Philadelphia Union1 DNBDNB1-1
9-JulFootballVenezuelaZulia - Trujillanos11X22-1
9-JulGreyhoundSheffield19:34 - Magna BossplaceplaceWINNER
9-JulHandballInternationalGermany - Brazil1 (-3.5)Handicap31-24
9-JulHorse RacingChepstow20:45 - Mr ExellencyplaceplaceWINNER
9-JulHorse RacingChester18:30 - Roman DragonplaceplaceWINNER
9-JulHorse RacingNewmarket13:50 - King of Clubsplaceplacebomb3rd place
9-JulHorse RacingNewmarket14:25 - Desert Dreamerplaceplacebomb2nd place
9-JulHorse RacingNewmarket14:25 - SandrineplaceplaceWINNER
9-JulHorse RacingNewmarket15:35 - Snow LanternplaceplacebombWINNER
9-JulHorse RacingYork14:05 - CormierplaceplaceWINNER
9-JulHorse RacingYork14:40 - Vadreamplaceplace2nd place
9-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Hubert Hurkacz1 (-1.5)Handicap3-1
9-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Hubert HurkaczUnder 40.5Under/Over38
10-JuleSportsCall of DutyParis Legion - Atlanta FaZe21X22-3
10-JulFootballBrazilVasco da Gama - Sampaio Correa1-0, 2-1Correct Scorebomb1-0
10-JulFootballCopa AmericaColombia - PeruBTTS YESBTTS3-2
10-JulFootballIranSepahan - Sanat Naft11X24-1
10-JulFootballJapanYokohama F. Marinos - Avispa Fukuoka11X22-0
10-JulFootballRussia 2Kuban - Torpedo Moscow21X21-2
10-JulFootballRussia 2Neftekhimik - Olimp Dolgoprudny11X21-0
10-JulFootballRussia 2Orenburg - Astrakhan11X24-0
10-JulFootballSwedenAIK - Varbergs11X22-1
10-JulFootballSwedenAIK - VarbergsOver 1.5Under/Over 1.52-1
10-JulFootballSwedenDalkurd - Taby11X25-1
10-JulFootballSwedenMalmo - Sirius11X24-0
10-JulFootballUruguayPlaza Colonia - Sud America11X21-0
10-JulFootballUSA MLSCincinnati - Colubus CrewOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-2
10-JulGreyhound AntepostTowcesterThorn FalconWinnerWinnerWINNER
10-JulHorse RacingAscot16:45 - Dhushanplaceplace2nd place
10-JulHorse RacingYork13:45 - La TrinidadplaceplacebombWINNER
8-JuleSportsStarcraft IITrap - SpeCial11X2
8-JulFootballAFC Champions LeagueDaegu - Frontale UnitedX/2HT/FTbomb1-3
8-JulFootballAFC Champions LeagueUlsan - ViettelX/1HT/FT3-0
8-JulFootballBrazilFortaleza - America Mineiro11X24-0
8-JulFootballConference LeagueLevadia - St Joseph'sBTTS YESBTTS3-1
8-JulFootballConference LeagueLiepaja - Struga1/1HT/FT3-1
8-JulFootballConference LeagueMaribor - Urartu11X21-0
8-JulFootballConference LeagueMilsami - SarajevoX1X2Draw0-0
8-JulFootballConference LeagueRacing Union - Breidablik2 DNBDNB2-3
8-JulFootballConference LeagueSileks - PetrocubUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
8-JulGreyhoundHove20:54 - Magical Silasplaceplace
8-JulHorse RacingCarlisle17:00 - DetectiveplaceplaceWINNER
8-JulHorse RacingDoncaster15:25 - Mutanaaseqplaceplacebomb3rd place
8-JulHorse RacingNewbury17:50 - Lockdown Dreamplaceplacebomb2nd place
8-JulHorse RacingNewbury19:20 - EncourageplaceplaceWINNER
8-JulHorse RacingNewmarket13:50 - YibirplaceplaceWINNER
8-JulHorse RacingNewmarket15:00 - BlackrodplaceplacebombWINNER
8-JulHorse RacingNewmarket15:35 - Sir Ron PriestleyplaceplaceWINNER
8-JulHorse RacingNewmarket16:10 - BaaeedplaceplaceWINNER
8-JulHorse RacingNewmarket16:45 - Legendary Dayplaceplacebomb3rd place
8-JulIce HockeyNHLTampa Bay Lightning - Montreal Canadiens11X21-0
8-JulTennisWimbledonAryna Sabalenka - Karolina PliskovaOver 22.5Under/Over32
8-JulTennisWimbledonAryna Sabalenka - Karolina PliskovaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-2
8-JulTennisWimbledonAryna Sabalenka - Karolina Pliskova11X2 Aces18-14
8-JulTennisWimbledonAshleigh Barty - Angelique Kerber2-0Correct Score2-0
7-JulBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Milwaukee Bucks11X2118-105
7-JulFootballBrazilSantos - Clube Atletico ParanaenseBTTS YESBTTS2-1
7-JulFootballChampions LeagueBodo-Glimt - Legia WarsawBTTS YESBTTS2-3
7-JulFootballChampions LeagueDinamo Zagreb - Valur1/1HT/FT3-2
7-JulFootballChampions LeagueLudogorets Rasgrad - Shakhtyor SoligorskUnder 3.5Under/Over1-0
7-JulFootballChampions LeagueMaccabi Haifa - KairatOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
7-JulFootballChampions LeagueMalmo - RigaUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-0
7-JulFootballChampions LeagueSlovan Bratislava - Shamrock Rovers11X22-0
7-JulFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Colombia2-3 GoalsTotal Goals1-1
7-JulFootballEuro 2020England - DenmarkUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
7-JulFootballEuro 2020England - DenmarkBTTS YESBTTS1-1
7-JulGreyhoundNewcastle18:51 - Freedom ReporterplaceplaceWINNER
7-JulGreyhoundNewcastle19:58 - Ballyard SwaggerplaceplaceWINNER
7-JulHorse RacingCatterick14:20 - Annie RoseplaceplacebombWINNER
7-JulHorse RacingCatterick15:30 - Bollin Neilplaceplace2nd place
7-JulHorse RacingKempton17:15 - Quick Breathplaceplace3rd place
7-JulHorse RacingKempton19:45 - Far From A RubyplaceplacebombWINNER
7-JulTennisWimbledonDenis Shapovalov - Karen Khachanov1 (-3.5)Handicap26-22
7-JulTennisWimbledonDenis Shapovalov - Karen KhachanovOver 38.5Under/Over28
7-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Felix Auger-Aliassime1 (-1.5)Handicap3-1
7-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Felix Auger-AliassimeOver 3.5Under/Over3-1
7-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Felix Auger-Aliassime11X23-1
7-JulTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Marton FucsovicsOver 28.5Under/Over29
7-JulTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Marton Fucsovics3-0Correct Score3-0
7-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Hubert HurkaczUnder 40.5Under/Over28
7-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Hubert Hurkacz11X23-0
5-JuleSportsLoLRare Atom - JD21X21-2
5-JulGreyhoundNottingham20:06 - Plaza LepplaceplaceWINNER
6-JuleSportsCS:GOHeadshot Kings - Cold Ass Riding21X20-2
6-JuleSportsCS:GOmousesports - Bad News Bears11X216-7
6-JulFootballAustraliaPeninsula Power - Redlands UnitedOver 3.5Under/Over4-0
6-JulFootballChampions LeagueCFR Cluj - Borac Banja Luka11X23-1
6-JulFootballChampions LeagueFerencvarosi - Pristina1 to nilWin to nil3-0
6-JulFootballChampions LeagueFlora - Hibernians1 to nilWin to nil2-0
6-JulFootballChampions LeagueHJK - Buducnost11X23-1
6-JulFootballChampions LeagueSkendija - Mura21X20-1
6-JulFootballConference LeaguePodgorica - LaciUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-0
6-JulFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - Peru1/1HT/FT1-0
6-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - SpainX1X2Draw1-1
6-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - SpainBTTS YESBTTS1-1
6-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - SpainUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
6-JulFootballEuro 2020Italy - SpainItalyQualify1-1
6-JulIce HockeyNHLMontreal Canadiens - Tampa Bay Lightning11X23-2
6-JulIce HockeyNHLMontreal Canadiens - Tampa Bay LightningOver 4.5Under/Over3-2
6-JulTennisWimbledonAshleigh Barty - Ajla Tomljanovic1 (-4.5)Handicap12-4
6-JulTennisWimbledonKarolina Muchova - Angelique Kerber0-2Correct Score0-2
6-JulTennisWimbledonKarolina Pliskova - Viktorija Golubic11X22-0
5-JulTennisWimbledonAlexander Zverev - Felix Auger-AliassimeOver 35.5Under/Over51
5-JulTennisWimbledonDenis Shapovalov - Robert Bautista-Agut11X23-0
5-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Ilya Ivashka3-0Correct Score3-0
5-JulTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Cristian Garin3-0Correct Score3-0
5-JulTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Cristian Garin2 (+9.5)Handicap18-8
5-JulTennisWimbledonPaula Badosa - Karolina Muchova21X20-2
5-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Lorenzo Sonego3-0Correct Score3-0
4-JulFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Ecuador1/1HT/FT3-0
4-JulFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Ecuador1 (-1)Handicap3-0
4-JulFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - Colombia1 DNBDNB0-0
3-JulFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - ChileX/1HT/FTbomb1-0
3-JulFootballEuro 2020Czech Republic - Denmark2-3 GoalsTotal Goals1-2
3-JulFootballEuro 2020Czech Republic - DenmarkBTTS YESBTTS1-2
3-JulFootballEuro 2020Czech Republic - DenmarkOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-2
3-JulFootballEuro 2020Czech Republic - Denmark21X21-2
3-JulFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - England21X20-4
3-JulFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - England2 to nilWin to nil0-4
3-JulTennisWimbledon Felix Auger-Aliassime - Nick kyrgios11X22-1 wo
3-JulTennisWimbledonAnastasija Sevastova - Barbora Krejcikova21X21-2
3-JulTennisWimbledonAngelique Kerber - Aliaksandra SasnovichOver 18.5Under/Over21
3-JulTennisWimbledonAsleigh Barty - Katerina Siniakova2 (+5.5)Handicap13-8
3-JulTennisWimbledonMarin Cilic - Daniil MedvedevOver 35.5Under/Over48
3-JulTennisWimbledonMarin Cilic - Daniil Medvedev1 win a set1X22-3
3-JulTennisWimbledonMatteo Berrettini - Aljaz Bedene3-0Correct Score3-0
3-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Cameron Norrie3-1, 3-2Correct Scorebomb3-1
4-JulBasketballNBAAtlanta Hawks - Milwaukee Bucks21X2107-118
2-JulBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Atlanta Hawks11X2123-112
2-JulFootballEuro 2020Belgium - ItalyItaly1X21-2
2-JulFootballEuro 2020Belgium - ItalyLorenzo InsigneScore Anytime1-2
2-JulFootballEuro 2020Switzerland - SpainX1X2Draw1-1
2-JulFootballEuro 2020Switzerland - SpainBTTS YESBTTS1-1
2-JulFootballEuro 2020Switzerland - SpainUnder 3.5Under/Over1-1
2-JulTennisWimbledonDaniel Evans - Sebastian Korda21X21-3
2-JulTennisWimbledonDennis Shapovalov - Andy Murray3-0Correct Scorebomb3-0
2-JulTennisWimbledonDominik Koepfer - Roberto Bautista Agut2Handicap0-3
2-JulTennisWimbledonElise Mertens - Madison Keys21X20-2
2-JulTennisWimbledonFabio Fognini - Andrey Rublev21X21-3
2-JulTennisWimbledonFabio Fognini - Andrey Rublev1 (+2.5)Handicap1-3
2-JulTennisWimbledonFrances Tiafoe - Karen Khachanov21X20-3
2-JulTennisWimbledonKarolina Pliskova - Tereza Martincova2-0Correct Score2-0
2-JulTennisWimbledonLudmila Samsonova - Sloane Stephens11X22-1
2-JulTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Denis Kudla3-0Correct Scoreacca3-0
2-JulTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Denis Kudla2 (+9.5)Handicap19-13
2-JulTennisWimbledonOns Jabeur - Garbine MuguruzaOver 21.5Under/Over29
1-JulBasketballNBALos Angeles Clippers - Phoenix Suns21X2103-130
1-JulIce HockeyNHLTampa Bay Lightning - Montreal Canadiens11X23-1
1-JulIce HockeyNHLTampa Bay Lightning - Montreal Canadiens1XDouble Chance3-1
1-JulTennisWimbledonAlexander Bublik - Grigor Dimitrov11X23-0
1-JulTennisWimbledonAndrea Petkovic - Barbora Krejcikova0-2Correct Score0-2
1-JulTennisWimbledonAshleigh Barty - Anna Blinkova2 (+4.5)Handicap10-15
1-JulTennisWimbledonCarlos Alcaraz Garfia - Daniil Medvedev0-3Correct Score0-3
1-JulTennisWimbledonElena Vesnina - Cori Gauff1 (+5.5)Handicap7-12
1-JulTennisWimbledonGianluca Mager - Nick Kyrgios0-3Correct Score0-3
1-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Richard GasquetUnder 35.5Under/Over30
1-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Richard Gasquet2 (+2.5)Handicap3-1
1-JulTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Richard Gasquet11X23-1
1-JulTennisWimbledonTennys Sandgren - Alexander ZverevUnder 32.5Under/Over29
1-JulTennisWimbledonTennys Sandgren - Alexander Zverev2 (-6.5)Handicap9
30-JunTennisWimbledonDominik Koepfer - Soon-Woo Kwon11X23-2
30-JunTennisWimbledonJaume Antoni Munar - Ilya Ivashka0-3Correct Score0-3
30-JunTennisWimbledonJil Belen Teichmann - Camila Giorgi0-2Correct Score0-2
30-JunTennisWimbledonKarolina Muchova - Shuai Zhang2-0Correct Score2-0
30-JunTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic – Kevin AndersonUnder 32.5Under/Over27
30-JunTennisWimbledonSteve Johnson - Dennis Novak11X23-0
30-JunTennisWimbledonUgo Humbert - Nick Kyrgios21X22-3
30-JunTennisWimbledonViktorija Golubic - Danielle CollinsUnder 21.5Under/Over14
29-JunBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Los Angeles ClippersUnder 218.5Under/Over102-116
29-JunFootballCopa AmericaBolivia - ArgentinaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.51-4
29-JunFootballCopa AmericaBolivia - Argentina2/2HT/FT1-4
29-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - ParaguayUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-0
29-JunFootballEuro 2020Sweden - UkraineEmil ForsbergScore Anytimebomb
29-JunIce HockeyNHLTampa Bay Lightning - Montreal Canadiens11X25-1
29-JunTennisWimbledonJan-Lennard Struff - Daniil Medvedev1-3, 2-3Correct Scorebomb1-3
29-JunTennisWimbledonJan-Lennard Struff - Daniil MedvedevOver 35.5Under/Over40
29-JunTennisWimbledonOscar Otte - Arthur Rinderknech11X23-2
29-JunTennisWimbledonRoger Federer - Adrian Mannarino3-1, 3-2Correct Score
28-JunFootballCopa AmericaVenezuela - PeruX/2HT/FT0-1
28-JunFootballEuro 2020Croatia - SpainOver 2.5Under/Over 2.5acca3-3
28-JunFootballEuro 2020France - SwitzerlandKarim BenzemaScore Anytime
28-JunTennisWimbledonNovak Djokovic - Jack Draper3-1, 3-2Correct Scorebomb3-1
28-JunTennisWimbledonReilly Opelka - Dominik Kopfer21X20-3
27-JunBasketballNBALos Angeles Clippers - Phoenix SunsUnder 222.5Under/Over80-84
27-JunFootballEuro 2020Belgium - Portugal1/1HT/FTbomb1-0
26-JunBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Atlanta Hawks11X2125-91
26-JunBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Atlanta HawksUnder 226.5Under/Over125-91
26-JunFootballEuro 2020Wales - Denmark21X20-4
26-JunFootballEuro 2020Wales - Denmark2 (-1.5)Handicap0-4
26-JunIce HockeyNHLTampa Bay Lightning - New York Islanders11X21-0
26-JunIce HockeyNHLTampa Bay Lightning - New York IslandersUnder 4.5Under/Over1-0
25-JunBasketballNBALos Angeles Clippers - Phoenix Suns1 (-2.5)1X2
25-JunFootballCopa AmericaBolivia - Uruguay21X20-2
25-JunFootballCopa AmericaBolivia - UruguayUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-2
25-JunFootballCopa AmericaChile - ParaguayX2Double Chance0-2
25-JunIce HockeyNHLMontreal Canadiens - Vegas Golden Knights11X23-2
24-JunBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Atlanta HawksHuerter Over 12.5Under/Over13
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - Colombia11X22-1
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaEcuador - PeruX1X2Draw2-2
24-JunFootballCopa AmericaEcuador - PeruX2Double Chance2-2
23-JunBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Los Angeles Clippers11X2104-103
23-JunBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Los Angeles Clippers2 (+5.5)Handicap104-103
23-JunFootballEuro 2020Germany - HungaryOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-2
23-JunFootballEuro 2020Portugal - FranceX1X22-2
23-JunFootballEuro 2020Portugal - FranceBTTS YESBTTS2-2
23-JunFootballEuro 2020Portugal - FranceX2Double Chanceacca2-2
23-JunFootballEuro 2020Slovakia - Spain1 (+1.5)Handicap0-5
23-JunFootballEuro 2020Slovakia - Spain21X20-5
23-JunFootballEuro 2020SpainWin Group EWin
22-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Paraguay11X21-0
22-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - ChileX1X2Draw1-1
22-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - ChileUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
22-JunFootballCopa AmericaUruguay - ChileX2Double Chance1-1
22-JunFootballEuro 2020Croatia - ScotlandBTTS YESBTTS3-1
22-JunFootballEuro 2020Czech Republic - EnglandRaheem SterlingScore Anytime0-1
22-JunFootballEuro 2020Czech Republic - EnglandUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-1
22-JunFootballEuro 2020EnglandWin Group DWin
21-JunBasketballNBAPhiladelphia 76ers - Atlanta HawksUnder 217.5Under/Over96-103
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaColombia - PeruBTTS YESBTTS1-2
21-JunFootballCopa AmericaVenezuela - EcuadorOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-2
21-JunFootballEuro 2020BelgiumWin Group BWin
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Finland - Belgium2 to nilWin to nilacca0-2
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Finland - Belgium2 (-1)Handicap0-2
21-JunFootballEuro 2020NetherlandsWin Group CWin
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Northern Macedonia - Netherlands2 to nilWin to nil0--3
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Republic of North Macedonia - NetherlandsOver 2.5Under/Over 2.50-3
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Republic of North Macedonia - Netherlands2 (-1)Handicap0-3
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Russia - Denmark21X21-4
21-JunFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - Austria2 DNBDNB0-1
21-JunIce HockeyNHLMontreal Canadiens - Vegas Golden Knights21X21-2
20-JunBasketballNBABrooklyn Nets - Milwaukee Bucks2 (-2.5)Handicap111-115
20-JunBasketballNBAPhoenix Suns - Los Angeles Clippers11X2120-114
20-JunFootballEuro 2020ItalyWin Group AWin
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - Wales11X2acca1-0
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - Wales1/1HT/FT1-0
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - Wales1 to nilWin to nil1-0
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - Wales2-0, 1-0Correct Scorebomb1-0
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Switzerland - Turkey11X23-1
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Switzerland - TurkeyOver 2.5Under/Over 2.53-1
20-JunFootballEuro 2020Switzerland - TurkeyXherdan ShaqiriScore Anytimebomb3-1
20-JunHorse RacingPontefract14:55 - The Flying GingerplaceplaceWINNER
20-JunHorse RacingPontefract16:25 - ContactplaceplaceWINNER
20-JunHorse RacingPontefract16:55 - Kings PrinceplaceplaceWINNER
20-JunHorse RacingWorcester14:00 - Danse Idolplaceplace2nd place
20-JunIce HockeyNHLNew York Islanders - Tampa Bay LightningOver 4.5Under/Over3-2
19-JunBasketballNBALos Angeles Clippers - Utah Jazz11X2131-119
19-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - UruguayUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-0
19-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Uruguay11X21-0
19-JunFootballCopa AmericaChile - Bolivia11X2acca1-0
19-JunFootballCopa AmericaChile - Bolivia1/1HT/FT1-0
19-JunFootballEuro 2020Hungary - FranceAntoine GriezmanScore Anytime1-1
19-JunFootballEuro 2020Portugal - GermanyBTTS YESBTTS2-4
19-JunFootballEuro 2020Portugal - Germany21X22-4
19-JunFootballEuro 2020Portugal - GermanyCristiano RonaldoDouble Chance2-4
19-JunFootballEuro 2020Spain - PolandUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
18-JunBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Brooklyn Nets1 (-4.5)Handicap104-89
18-JunFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - PeruOver 2.5Under/Over 2.54-0
18-JunFootballEuro 2020Croatia - Czech RepublicX1X2Draw1-1
18-JunFootballEuro 2020Croatia - Czech RepublicX2Double Chance1-1
18-JunFootballEuro 2020Croatia - Czech RepublicPatrick SchickScore Anytime1-1
18-JunFootballEuro 2020Sweden - Slovakia11X21-0
18-JunFootballEuro 2020Sweden - Slovakia1 to nilWin to nil1-0
18-JunIce HockeyNHLNew York Islanders - Tampa Bay Lightning21X21-2
17-JunBasketballNBAPhiladelphia 76ers - Atlanta Hawks2 (+6.5)Handicap106-109
17-JunBasketballNBAUtah Jazz - LA Clippers21X2111-119
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Denmark - Belgium21X21-2
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Denmark - Belgium1-2, 1-3Correct Score1-2
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Denmark - BelgiumBTTS YESBTTS1-2
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Netherlands - Austria11X22-0
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Netherlands - Austria2-1, 2-0Correct Scorebomb2-0
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - Northern MacedoniaOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-1
17-JunFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - Northern MacedoniaAndriy YarmolenkoScore Anytime2-1
16-JunBasketballNBABrooklyn Nets - Milwaukee Bucks11X2114-108
16-JunBasketballNBABrooklyn Nets - Milwaukee BucksUnder 222.5Under/Over114-108
16-JunFootballEuro 2020Finland - Russia2/2HT/FT0-1
16-JunFootballEuro 2020Finland - RussiaUnder 2.5Under/OVer 2.50-1
16-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - Switzerland11X23-0
16-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - Switzerland1 (-1)Handicap3-0
16-JunFootballEuro 2020Italy - SwitzerlandBTTS NOBTTS3-0
16-JunFootballEuro 2020Turkey - Wales21X20-2
15-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - ChileBTTS YESBTTS1-1
15-JunFootballCopa AmericaParaguay - Bolivia11X23-1
15-JunFootballEuro 2020Hungary - Portugal2 (-1)1X20-3
15-JunFootballEuro 2020Hungary - Portugal21X20-3
15-JunFootballEuro 2020Hungary - PortugalBTTS NOBTTS0-3
14-JunFootballCopa AmericaArgentina - Chile1/XHT/FTbomb1-1
14-JunFootballCopa AmericaColombia - Ecuador11X21-0
14-JunFootballEuro 2020Scotland - Czech RepublicUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-2
14-JunFootballEuro 2020Spain - SwedenUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.50-0
13-JunFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - Venezuela11X23-0
13-JunFootballCopa AmericaBrazil - Venezuela1 (-2.5)Handicap3-0
13-JunFootballEuro 2020Austria - Rebublic of North Macedonia1XDouble Chance3-1
13-JunFootballEuro 2020Austria - Rebublic of North MacedoniaBTTS YESBTTS3-1
13-JunFootballEuro 2020Austria - Rebublic of North MacedoniaX/1HT/FTBomb3-1
13-JunFootballEuro 2020England - Croatia11X21-0
13-JunFootballEuro 2020England - CroatiaX/1HT/FTbomb1-0
13-JunFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - Netherlands21X22-3
13-JunFootballEuro 2020Ukraine - NetherlandsOver 2.5Under/Over 2.52-3
13-JunFootballEuro 2020Viking - ValerengaBTTS YESBTTS4-1
12-JunFootballEuro 2020Belgium - Russia11X23-0
12-JunFootballEuro 2020Belgium - RussiaRomelu LukakuScore Anytime3-0
12-JunFootballEuro 2020Wales - SwitzerlandUnder 2.5Under/Over 2.51-1
12-JunFootballEuro 2020Wales - SwitzerlandX1X2Draw1-1
12-JunFootballEuro 2020Wales - SwitzerlandBTTS YESBTTS1-1
12-JunFootballEuro 2020Wales - Switzerland2-3 GoalsTotal Goals1-1
11-JunBasketballNBAMilwaukee Bucks - Brooklyn NetsUnder 232.5Under/Over86-83
11-JunBasketballNBAUtah Jazz - Los Angeles ClippersOver 222.5Under/Over117-111
11-JunFootballArgentinaTemperley - New ChicagoBTTS NOBTTS1-0
11-JunFootballBrazil CupCoritiba - Flamengo2 to nilWin to nil0-1
11-JunFootballEuro 2020Turkey - Italy21X20-3
11-JunFootballEuro 2020Turkey - ItalyOver 2.5Under/Over 2.50-3
11-JunFootballEuro 2020Turkey - ItalyCiro ImobileScore Anytime0-3

Top eSports bookmakers and bonuses for your eSports predictions

Bookies have discovered the potential of eSports and have gradually expanded the range of eSports in recent years. eSport is now finally part of the regular program of a good betting provider. We have compiled the best bookmakers for eSport betting for you in the list below:

There are thousands of bookmakers to choose from and place your wager, but here we ranked the top online bookies according to their free bet offers and gamble options. Remember to read through terms and conditions of each offer before accepting it! Check out the Betandslots rankings in the table below:

1MelBetBet €10 and get a Free €30€10Free Bet
2BettiltOn your first deposit get a Free €30 Bet€15Free Bet
3EnergyBetBet €10 and get €10€10Free Bet
4BetPatBet €10 and get a Free €10 Bet€10Free Bet

What are eSports

In general, eSports are video games that are played in professional competitions between two or more players. The largest eSports titles are characterized by a high level of balance and regulated processes. That is not to say that they lack complexity, but that they are subject to certain rules – for example a fixed goal. Almost every professional game can only be won one way. 

In LoL and Dota 2 it is the destruction of the opposing main building, in Counter-Strike a team has to win 16 rounds. All strategies, no matter how complex, arise within fixed framework conditions. In addition, chance plays almost no role in eSports, everything on the cards is fixed and cannot be influenced by players. Random factors come from the game itself and are also subject to certain rules. A good example would be the Roshan respawn time in Dota 2. 

The strongest neutral creep in the game can return after 8 to 11 minutes and unfortunate timing can thwart a team’s plans. In CSGO there are no such RNGs (random number generators), everything on the map is static. Perhaps that is why it is the game that most bets are placed on.

Right now, eSports are more popular than ever, with League of Legends at the top with more than 100 million active players . Note that the 2016 LoL final was watched by around 43 million viewers, with 14.7 million of them watching at the same time! And since then, viewership is growing rapidly. And as the fan base grows, there is also interest in speculating about possible results. 

The eSport betting market has been growing steadily, other bookmakers have added eSport bets to their range and the offer is constantly being expanded.  

Welcome Bonus
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London Betting Shop
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eSports predictions and daily betting tips
eSports predictions and daily betting tips

On which eSport games is betting provided?

In order for a game to be considered as an eSport activity at all, it must first meet certain conditions. It has to be exciting to watch, needs a large fan base and the most important thing is of course a certain balance in order to enable a fair competition at all. 

Many game manufacturers try to enter the eSports market with their gaming products by organizing tournaments and broadcasting them via various channels lie Youtube or Twitch. Most of the time, tempting prize money is also awarded to help a little bit in the creation of a professional scene. For most of those gaming products it was not enough for a breakthrough, we deal with the biggest eSports titles, for which the most bets are offered. 

In addition to the eSports classics such as League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota or Counter-Strike, new titles have already established themselves. Overwatch, Blizzard’s new workhorse, has a large fan base, and the first season of the Overwatch League organized by Blizzard itself was very popular. But other titles such as the Autoball game Rocket League or the new shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds bring masses of players to the console or PC. Epic Games newest creation, Fortnite, has got off to an explosive start with the game’s competitive scene already emerging.

At the moment PUGB bets are new to bookmakers offering,  the shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is currently on the rise. Since mid 2018 there have also been bets on Fortnite , another Battle Royale game which is incredibly popular.

eSports predictions and free betting tips

The basis for being able to offer eSports betting at all is an eSport suitable game. In recent years, titles have been developed exclusively for the further development of eSports. Not all of them succeeded. In the meantime, 8 titles can be identified that have a very large fan base as well as the necessary basics to be able to bet on them.

Bet on Counter-Strike (CS:GO)

Counter Strike Global Offensive ( CS:GO for short ) has maintained its position as one of the premier eSports games in the world, with frequent game updates, a lucrative weapon skins market, and a recurring spate of events and tournaments spread over the year.

In addition to current leagues such as the BLAST Premier and the ESL Pro League , there will be numerous high-level tournaments in 2020 such as IEM Katowice 2020, DreamHack Anaheim and the two ESL One events in Rio de Janeiro and Cologne. With 1.2 million viewers in 2019 and a $ 1 million prize pool, the IEM Katowice Major was the largest CS: GO tournament to date. That’s another million of the prize money award since 2013. In total, the prize money has been a little over $ 91 million since then.

Bet on DOTA2

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game in the MOBA genre and was developed by Valve Corporation. It can be downloaded for free on the Steam platform. In a standard Dota2 game, the player’s goal is to destroy the main enemy construction, called the Ancient, which is in its base. The base is protected by several towers that are located on three separate lanes. 

Players are split into two different teams (the Radiant and the Dire). Each team consists of five players. You take control of heroes, units with special abilities and properties. Players can increase the strength of their heroes by gaining experience points and purchasing various items.

In 2015, Valve began hosting smaller seasonal tournaments that use a fixed prize pool called majors. Every year there are 3 major tournaments, each in a different region, leading to the International. In addition to Valve sponsored events, there are several other large annual tournaments around the world including the ASUS ROG DreamLeague, The Summit, SL i-League StarSeries, ESL One, Dota Pit League, and others. There are hundreds of competitive games to bet on every month!

Bet on League of Legends 

League of Legends is one of the largest esports in the world. The League of Legends World Championship has been held annually at Riot Games since 2011, with 16 professional teams competing for the championship title and prize money of $ 1,000,000. In addition to the World Cup, Riot Games also hosts the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) – two professional esports leagues. In the LCS, twenty teams compete against each other in separate leagues in North America and Europe, ten teams per region. Both leagues are divided into two parts, a “split” takes place in spring and a “split” in summer. Riot Games has taken a different path than Valve when it comes to controlling its franchise. Instead of letting entrepreneurs start their own ventures and events, RG wants to control most of the scene and teams themselves.

Bet on Starcraft 2 

StarCraft 2 is an offshoot of StarCraft, a sci-fi real-time strategy game popular in the late 1990s and 2000s. The gameplay revolves around the adventures of Jim Raynor and includes three alien species that were available in the previous game – the Terrans, the Zerg, and the Protoss. SC2 was introduced in July 2010 for the two main operating systems – Windows and MacOS. Immediately after its release, the game received positive feedback from both critics and amateur gamers and became the best-selling real-time strategy game with over 3 million copies sold in just one month (over 6 million total).

Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA, Rocket League, Valorant and others

There are other games on the rise, such as Overwatch, PUBG, Valorant, Rainbow 6 and Fortnite. Top bookmakers and eSports betting sites offer bets on the main tournaments of those titles as well, especially on Fortnite which is very popular. Since the very first official World Cup in 2019, Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the esports arena. Launched in 2017 by Epic Games, it took less than two years for the game to make it to the top of the eSports charts – with over 2 million viewers.

Sport fans enjoy FIFA football games, as well as basketball eSport games or games such as Rocket League which combine real sports (hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem).

What types of bets are on offer and eSport predictions

eSports betting tips
eSports betting tips

In addition to the standard 1X2 bet, many bookmakers also have a large variety of special bets in their program. At top eSports bookmakers you will find a separate eSports section. This will be full with many betting options as possible and great odds. A good variety in betting markets is important. Especially when the outcome of a game seems obvious. Let’s say you don’t want to bet on the favorite at tiny odds or speculate on the underdog. What do you do? You take advantage of any other markets available.

The most common eSport betting markets are:

  • Tournament winner
  • Map winner
  • Handicap
  • Number of wins (over/under)
  • Number of kills (over/under)
  • First Blood (who makes the first kill)
  • First to 10 Kills
  • Pistol Round Winner
  • Team wins at least one map

10 reasons to bet on eSports – besides our eSports predictions and free tips!

  1. Quote advantage: Most bookies are still inexperienced in this area, thereby often resulting above-average rates of favorites.
  2. Bonuses: Many bookmakers are new to eSports sports betting. Therefore they offer a high betting bonus or free bets on eSports.
  3. New betting options: There’s a wide range of special bets (first kill, 10 kills, map winner, number of kills, etc.). And this makes eSport more entertaining.
  4. Stability: Unlike in normal sports, luck only plays a marginal role. In eSports, the strategies or skills of the players and their team spirit count. That doesn’t mean that even an underdog can’t win a game. But then rightly, not with luck!
  5. Trust your gut: “Ahhh, I would have!” And “I knew it!” … sounds familiar to you? If you think you know the outcome of a game, you can bet on it. Also makes watching more interesting.
  6. Live streaming : You don’t have to rely on match tickers. You can watch every game in free live streams on Twitch, Youtube. Most competitive games are live!
  7. Combo bets: Quotes on favorites are higher in eSport bets than in other sports. So you can make good profits even with low stakes.
  8. Bridging seasonal breaks: If there is no interesting game, then take a look at the eSports section. Often, eSports events take place exactly when other sports are on a break from broadcasting. One of the biggest eSport events (The International) takes place every year in August.
  9. Massive differences in odds: eSport betting market is young. That’s why there are enormous differences in quotes between bookmakers. Register with several and this to your advantage!
  10. Broaden your horizons: Rapid growth guarantees that eSports will become an integral part of sports betting. Master eSport betting and grow with it!

Betandslots: The best predictions site

Don’t forget to check the odds at our selected bookmakers and the best bookmakersBetandSlots can be your perfect guide in online entertainment and is maybe the most accurate and best prediction site! Here you will also find free tips and predictions on the following betting markets:

In the above list you won’t find just football tips, but also free predictions on BasketballTennisIce HockeyHorse RacingAmerican Football, HandballeSports, Formula 1, and Greyhound Racing.

eSports predictions FAQ

In legal terms, eSport bets do not differ from normal sports betting on the Internet. Bookmakers get their licenses through regulatory authorities and are allowed to offer their odds online. So if you are not locally prohibited from sports betting, eSport betting is also completely legal – provided you are at least 18 years old, of course. And this way you can use our eSports predictions to maximize your winning chances

Once you have understood the rules of a game, eSport matches are very exciting and attractive for the viewer. Some commentators explain most details in the course of the game and also enable newcomers to understand eSport broadcasts and follow them with interest. You can also learn a thing or two from the professionals, if you want to try your hand at eSports yourself. Many of the games can be downloaded and played for free via game clients. Once you are familiar with the game, the excitement begins. And if you used our eSports predictions and placed a bet or two, then things are going to be much more fun!

Yes, there are some bookmakers who keep offering special bonuses, some of which offer up to 150% welcome bonus on your first deposit. But note: there are always terms and conditions attached to those offers. You can check the best eSports bonuses we gathered from top providers so you can choose the offer that suits you most.

Top Casino Reviews
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Jonathan Stefanou

Author: Jonathan Stefanou

Friends call me Jo and I am a professional writer contributing at Betandslots from the first day! Through the past two decades and right after my graduation as a journalist, I’ve been covering international sports for various newspapers and magazines.

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