Gambling in anime and manga is really a big issue! Find out the best anime on gambling, from Kakegurui, to Akagi and Kaiji. Also see the best anime slot games available for you to play online!

Anime has long now become a global phenomenon – and their popularity is still growing every day. Amazingly also gambling anime rises in popularity… Anime is the art of Japanese animation intended primarily for adolescents and older people. That is why Japanese anime has gained immense popularity around the world. The success of the anime depends on the success of the manga (Japanese comics), so before you make an anime movie, look at how successful and popular the original manga was.

Manga is the Japanese term for comics. It means something like “casual, unrestrained picture”. Important style elements are the enormous eyes of the characters and the child pattern, which gives the characters their special childish cuteness.

When filming, the style of character rendering is usually preserved, but the plot can be changed, so many manganiacs advise reading the original version of the work you like.

Gambling anime slots

The word “anime” was born from English animation, but due to the fact that the pronunciation of this word in Japanese and the more its spelling caused difficulties, they decided to reduce it as much as possible, and the word anime appeared. There are other theories according to which this word was born from the Latin anima, that is, “soul” or that in fact, this word comes from the French dessin animé (“animation”). The Japanese themselves no longer remember how this word was born, so you and I can only build guesses and hypotheses.

Whether princess Mononoke, one-piece or death note – animes are cult and have been trendy all over the world for years. The Japanese cartoon films and series as well as comic books -Mangas- tell fantastic, romantic and sometimes brutal stories, which are often very different from the narrative that we are used to from the western world.

The hype surrounding the drawn characters doesn’t stop at the game world, of course. Asian casino games are becoming increasingly popular. There are now entire developer studios that specialize in anime-style slots, and abroad, some online casinos even only offer anime slots.

To help you avoid struggling through the jungle of opaque offerings, BetandSlots presents some of the best anime slots that you can play in reputable online casinos.

Even though many of the animated series and films revolve around schoolchildren and minors, gambling is still a matter for adults – and the stories behind it are often not intended for young audiences. So remember to play responsibly.

Now you know a little about where the anime came from and who were the founders and pioneers. And now we suggest you plunge with your head and go to the magical world of anime. We promise you that you will definitely enjoy this world and you can find a genre that will be of particular interest to you.

1. Ninja Ways (Big Tiger Gaming)

Anime Ninja Ways - Anime slots
Ninja Ways

A Red Tiger Gaming slot which is all about Ninjas. The slot machine has six reels and four rows. You win if you win at least three identical symbols from left to right in a winning combination. So there are a total of 4096 ways to win in Ninja Ways. You can gamble from a minimum bet of € 0.20 per spin but also with a maximum bet of € 40 per spin. Of course, an autoplay feature should not be missing. The payout ratio of the slot machine is 96.03%. 

You can earn nunchucks, ninja stars, arrowheads and a ninja N symbol. There is also a ninja wild that can replace all other symbols (apart from the Freespins symbol). The Freespins symbol is in gold and shows two crossed katanas.

In terms of bonus features, Ninja Ways is very well equipped. The first bonus feature is the Ninja Door Bonus Feature . The second bonus feature is the Ninja Wilds Bonus Feature. Here, too, the mysterious ninja jumps to the fore and leaves multiplier wilds on the reels. The third bonus feature is the Ninja Ways Bonus. Here the ninja flies over the reels, leaving behind a series of similar symbols. The fourth and last bonus feature is the one delivering Freespins. To activate it you have to play at least five Freespins symbols next to each other from left to right.

2. Moon Princess (Play ‘n Go)

Moon Princess - Anime slots
Moon Princess

The girls with super powers and the heart and moon symbols in this slot machine are strongly reminiscent of the cult series Sailor Moon – but in no way appear as a cheap copy. Just because of the feeling of nostalgia and the cool soundtrack, it is worth taking a closer look.

With Moon Princess, Play’n Go has created an action-packed game with lots of “Girl Power”. On 5 reels and in 5 rows, some exciting things happen when the bonus features are triggered. Each princess has her own superpower, which turns the symbols in your favor.

There is also a loading bar that is charged when princess symbols appear and pay out winnings. When it is completely full, you will be given free spins in which the princesses alternately play their powers. If you manage to clear the entire field, your profit can be multiplied 100 times!

The RTP of Moon Princess slot is 96.5%.

3. Sakura Fortune (Quickspin)

Sakura Fortune - Anime slots
Sakura Fortune – Anime slots

This is a classic Anime slot game from Quickspin that leaves no passionate gambler indifferent. Sakura Fortune slot machine is dedicated to the Japanese manga theme and is very interesting for all fans of oriental culture.

Sakura Fortune is a 5-reel slot with beautiful symbols on the screen. In this online slot game there are 40 paylines that are always active during the game process. The bet for a line is from 0.01 to 2 credits. The maximum bet that can be set in this slot machine is 40. Sakura Fortune has many great features like a Bonus Game, Free spin icon and various symbols on the oriental theme spin like dragons, samurai and geishas. These symbols can form winning combinations.

There are also two special symbols: Wild: replaces other game symbols and can start a respin. Bonus: this icon activates free spins if three such icons appear on your screen. The Sakura Fortune slot machine has the following bonus rounds: Sakura Fortune Respin, Free Spins, Mystery Nudge.

4. Koi Princess

Koi Princess gambling slot anime themed
Koi Princess

NetEnt sets new standards. The online slot machine Koi Princess has high chances of winning and impresses with its comic look. In addition to anime, traditional players will also get their money’s worth! Anime and manga are Asian forms of entertainment that have also established themselves in the rest of the world.

The five reels can be played with up to 20 paylines . The risk rests with the users: the minimum value per coin integrated into the game is only EUR 0.01. The maximum stake is tough: players can throw a maximum of 400 euros per spin on the scales.

The princess is taken care of, the koi carp join her on the reels. The NetEnt slot machine convinces with countless exclusive motifs, which almost always have the character of feature symbols. The many bonus functions are undoubtedly difficult to understand. In contrast to many other productions, the features even start randomly. There is the well-known wild symbol that replaces all other motifs, but 5-Hit, Wild Reels, Random Wild or the Bonus Game Activation are even more relevant.

Almost every spin has a surprise in store. Knowing Koi Princess tips and tricks is not necessary to target one or the other profit. Casino fans who play the Koi Princess slot machine and want to throw real money into the balance for the first time benefit from a lucrative welcome bonus.

5. Fortune girl (Microgaming)

Fortune girl gambling anime slot
Fortune girl

The latest high-tech free online casino slot machine Fortune Girl from Microgaming producer can give the player real pleasure, because it is one of the modern free slot games. The design includes interesting visual and acoustic design, the exotic Japanese theme is very bright. The player can try his chances with mobile online slot machines for free. The five-reel slot allows you to start with a very small amount of money. You start with 1 cent per payment line of 15, you can use a maximum of 15 euros.

The video slot Fortune Girl has several ways to win and can be played in its free version. Here you can see many hieroglyphs, silver and gold objects, an old-fashioned computer board (abacus), cult goby with a piece of gold in your mouth. Two types of wild symbols work in the game, one occurs in the main game, the other is presented with the attractive girl and appears during the additional rounds. Both wilds are valuable. They improve the existing winning combinations and are able to form their own chains with the same symbols very cheaply, by spreading and replacing the other symbols.

Only the golden scatter is not subject to such replacement, because it plays its own role in the game and presents the player with the bonus rounds, the number of which can range up to 14. The free spins are so lucrative because you can win 6,000 coins, and if you add multiplier x5, you get a considerable amount of money that every player should be satisfied with. Microgaming also introduced the mystery symbol, a jackpot function in Fortune Girl. If this appears during the free spins, the total multiplies by 1200. If you succeed, you can get a pretty big reward.

6. High School Manga (Wazdan)

High School Manga gambling anime slot
High School Manga

This slot machine from the developer studio Wazdan takes you into the world of a Japanese high school. This is about lovingly animated characters who secretly adore each other. The layout was designed according to the secret messages with pens and notes.

The slot uses the unusual format of 3×3 – 3 reels with 3 rows. The highest payout is for the couple symbol. If the same symbols land on all fields, this means a double payout for you. You can also determine the volatility (i.e. the risk) yourself and choose between low, medium or high!

The payout rate is 96.41%, which is slightly above average.

Gambling and Anime

Others call Japan home to samurai warriors, karate, sumo wrestling, origami, and various innovative technologies. Japan is of course also the birthplace of the manga. From there, the comics began a triumphal march around the world. Gambling, however, is prohibited in Japan, with a few exceptions such as some sports betting and state lotteries. 

Gambling anime theme is not the most common for slots, but when this happens, exciting stories appear. One of the popular animes on this subject is Kakegurui, which is dedicated to wealthy students at private schools participating in high-stakes gambling. Despite the fact that this hit is one of the best in this genre – that’s not all. There is also One Outs, a psychological thriller about high-value baseball bets, and Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, a show about a man suddenly drawn into the world of underground games. Which of the following animes are in your watchlist?

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler


The full title of this manga series that includes gambling is Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. Kakegurui’s storyline is original and takes place at the Hyakkaou Private Academy, a private school that teaches children from wealthy and influential families in Japan. They expect these children to become future leaders. But they all have to take part in a dangerous game.

The school has a gambling system and the students place bets against each other. They are risking their own fortune and face a potentially terrible result. Students who do not contribute due to their debts become “house pets”. In addition, those who do not pay off their debts by the end of their schooling receive life schedules that affect their careers and therefore their entire lives. Everything changes when Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student with an exceptional ability to expose gambling fraud, enrolls in school.

The Liar Games

The Liar Games
The Liar Games

Starring Nao Kanzaki and Shinichi Akiyama in the Liar Games which is a very successful series that has been translated into different languages. The plot is about a very honest student named Nao Kanzaki, who gets a $ 1 million package delivered to the house. The package also includes a note stating that she is invited to the Liar Game Tournament. The Liar Game Tournament comes with a completely opposite set of rules. Players are encouraged to lie and cheat. The losers have to pay a debt proportional to their losses. At some point, Kanzaki makes a deal with a scammer known as Shinichi Akiyama. Then they compete together at the tournament and try to help the losers get rid of their debts and to blow up the Liar Game” organization.

Death Note

Death Note
Death Note

Starring handsome and wise Light Yagami in this not so standard example of anime series. Death Note will be added to your favorite series list. There is a bright and brave major hero known as Light Yagami. He is not only beautiful but also wise. Of course, gamble games not the main role in this series, which tells the story of a young genius whose goal is to change the world according to his personal needs. As soon as he found a notebook called “Death Note”, but it did not appear alone, it is accompanied by Jabami Yumeko, a ghost who loves apples. Each of the characters comes into play with high stakes and has to manipulate the rival to become a winner. This element in the series has a lot in common with gambling, so don’t miss a chance to see it.

Food Wars

Food wars
Food wars

Would you like to see a delicious anime too? Players interested in food would appreciate Shokugeki no Souma Animation. The plot tells of the Tootsuki Culinary Academy, which prepares excellent cooks by including them in shokugeki so-called Food Wars. Students must win battles to survive in the academy. The anime tells the story of Soma, one student who wants to be the best of the best.,

Legendary gambler Tetsuya

Legendary gambler Tetsuya
Legendary Tetsuya in a popular anime about gambling

The gambling manga series, written by Fumei Sai and illustrated by Yasushi Hoshino, was first shown to the world around 1997. The people of Shinjuku fight for their survival after the end of World War II. 1947 isn’t the best time to live, and many turn to gambling to win their living. Many people lack the money to buy the essentials. Tetsuya has not cared about the situation since he defeated opponents … until a new gambler, Boushu-san, arrives. After a thorough defeat, Tetsuya realizes that he still has a lot to learn about Mahjong. He has to improve his playing and become a truly top gambler.



The genius that descends into the darkness is our fourth gambling-related manga series. It was first published in 1991 and subsequently became very popular. The main character of the story is Shigeru Akagi, who defeats a yakuza member in a game called Mahjong and embarks on a dangerous journey and illegal gambling.

Gamble Fish

Gamble Fish
Gamble Fish

This story features Tomu Shirsagi. Gamble fish is another popular Japanese manga that was published as a series in “Weekly Shōnen Champions”, a popular magazine. Gamble Fish follows the story of a 14-year-old boy named Tomu Shirasagi, the son of the infamous trickster Yumeichirou Shirasagi. The boy visits the famous Shishidou Academy, where he quickly realizes that he is not an ordinary young man. Tomu discovers that he is an expert who will reveal the dark side of the academy.

One Outs

Toua Toguchi

Shinobu Kaitani’s baseball manga was first released in 1998-2006. Toua Tokuchi is a talented baseball pitcher by profession, but a passionate player at heart. He plays a simplified version of the baseball called One Out on the streets of Okinawa. 

However, if Toua Tokuchi is accused of leading a real baseball team to victory, he must follow a simple rule. One Outs is a 25-second sports anime with games of chance and psychological elements. It is intended for all sports fans who want to make their games a little more interesting.



This manga series, known as Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji or Ultimate Survivor Kaiji, revolves around the art of gambling. Kaiji was created in 1996.The main character is Kaiji Itō, a poor man who does his best to get out of debt. He plays and bets with his neighbours and never wins. However, when he gets into a life-threatening situation, Kaiji realizes that he has a hidden gambling talent that helps him get out of many uncomfortable situations.

Gambling Anime FAQ

What is manga and what is anime?

Manga originating in the late 19th century refers to a style of the hand-drawn comic or graphic novel. The word anime is short for animation and describes animations created in Japan, or animations following the original style of wide-eyed characters, bright illustrations, different themes, and high-quality graphics.

Can I play manga or anime casino games for real money?

If you like some of the anime games above, you can just click and play on the already checked and verified by our experts’ online casinos. You can find the best online casinos in the iGaming market and select the best for you.
1.Make sure the operator is licensed and legal for your country.
2.Be sure it accepts your prefered payment method.
3.Read carefully and understand all terms and conditions if you are going to deposit your money and accept any of the offered welcome bonuses.

Are there gambling-related anime?

Oh, many of those gambling anime related stories! Just to drop some names: The Liar Games with Nao Kanzaki Shinichi Akiyama, Death Note with handsome and wise Light Yagami, Food Wars with Soma, Akagi, Gamble Fish with Tomu Shirsagi, Kakegurui and Kaiji. Also, there are some more like the Death Parade, No game no life, C which is also known as The Money of Soul and Possibility Control and others. All of the above manga stories and anime series feature themes around gambling.

Can I test anime casino games?

Sure! Most online casino providers allow you to play for free, just in order to get familiar with the games. But remember, playing for fun means you don’t lose any money, but you don’t win anything either.

What anime is Yumeko in?

Yumeko Jabami is a student with an exceptional ability to expose gambling fraud, the main character in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. Kakegurui’s storyline is quite original and takes place at the Hyakkaou Private Academy, a private school that teaches children from wealthy and influential families in Japan. These children are expected to become future leaders. But they all have to take part in a dangerous game enrols in school. Kakegurui has been transferred in TV and Netflix streamed two seasons.

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