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To select the best PayPal casino, you need to have a PayPal account which is simple and secure to create. After this step, you can select your favorite from the best PayPal casino list. We selected the best casinos that accept PayPal deposit and fast payouts. The new PayPal Casino list offers you the most popular games, bets, and fantastic bonuses.

PayPal Casino

The advantages of a PayPal casino are obvious. The payment method is extremely secure and provides real buyer protection. This aspect is traditionally in the foreground, especially for users of online casinos. Incidentally, PayPal only works with the best online casinos.

PayPal at online casinos is easily available for both deposits and withdrawals. In addition, playing at PayPal casinos can have some extra benefits. On many occasions, you can get at the cashier a special bonus, which you can see in the tables below.

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paypal casino

PayPal was launched in the United States in 1998. Since then it has become one of the leading online payment services in the world and is considered one of the first successful e-wallets worldwide.  It is used in 190 countries and in 25 different currencies. It’s particularly popular in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

The user has a virtual account and his identity is defined by e-mail address. There is no account number and PayPal does not take over the function of a trustee, only the payment processing is taken over.

The payment service is safe, and that’s why casinos online use it widely. It provides real buyer protection, which is especially important in the world of online gaming. Customers who have their account linked to their bank account or credit card do not even have to recharge the account. When paying, money is simply debited from the reference account via direct debit.

What are PayPal advantages?

  • Funding options: PayPal can be linked to your bank account, credit card, or debit to enable rapid deposits and withdrawals from your preferred source.
  • Discrete payments: You can elect to re-enter your PayPal login details on every transaction to ensure that you stay safe and in control.
  • Quicker process: You might be inclined to switch around credit cards, which calls for new information to be submitted. The payment process is simplified by Paypal entirely by only calling for you to enter your login details.
  • PayPal app: Download the PayPal app to your Android or iOS device and you can closely monitor your transactions.

PayPal Casino bonus

The really interesting thing about a PayPal casino UK is that many online gambling sites give you advantages if you choose this payment option. In addition to casino deposit bonuses, you will ideally receive several hundred euros to play with to your heart’s content.

Online casino UK Paypal payments can be automatically calculated for your casino bonus. At other Paypal slots UK, you have to enter a bonus code, which can be found on the website.

In contrast to a deposit bonus, which you get only once (in every casino), you can benefit from every deposit when paying with PayPal. In the UK there are a lot of new casino PayPal and new UK slot sites that take PayPal.

How does PayPal work?

PayPal acts as a third party between your chosen payment method, such as your checking account and the payee. If your checking account is registered and verified at PayPal, you can make a payment with PayPal at the online casino cash register without having to enter your bank details directly. All you need to do is log in to your PayPal account. The money is now available to you after a few moments for real money game in the casino.

Do online casinos accept Paypal payments?

PayPal Casinos allow online payments without any obstacles. Although the payment method is not yet accepted in all online casinos, more and more Internet casinos offer PayPal as a withdrawal and deposit method for their customers. You will find UK PayPal Casinos easier than you will find providers accepting this payment in Germany. Also, you will find casinos accepting PayPal in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Paypal casino payments advantages are:

  • Easy to use, because all you need to deposit is your email address and a password
  • High speed of the transaction, because PayPal usually directs the money to the casino immediately
  • High-security standard, because PayPal only works with the most reputable online casinos
  • PayPal Casino does not pass on your bank details – they are safe. PayPal protects them as best as possible
  • It is a free service, especially for deposits to online casinos, there are no fees!
  • There are tons of PayPal online casino bonus promotions
  • The mobile PayPal app also enables transactions on the go
  • You can use PayPal worldwide.

PayPal live casino

One of the disadvantages of online casinos is the lack of communication with other people. This is why the best online casinos offer a live casino as well!

The live dealer games can compensate for this weakness. With great HD streams and the opportunity to chat with the croupiers and other players, a very special atmosphere comes into your own four walls.

Another advantage of live table games is the relatively high table limits that can be found. PayPal Live Casinos offer you a great experience worth to try.

The above compilation shows an example of how difficult it is to choose today. Many online slots UK PayPal offer now live dealer games from different stream providers and many different table games.

Even on the Internet, many gamers do not want to do without the crackling atmosphere that real casino offer. You, therefore, play in live casinos where real dealers issue cards or spin the roulette wheel. Of course, there are also PayPal Live Casinos that allow you to deposit money from your home computer. A casino using PayPal is always welcome!

The advantages of the best Paypal Casinos are obvious because the Live Casino on the Internet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can change the games with a click of the mouse and of course, the game selection is gigantic. If you are currently experiencing a nice run with a nice live dealer, it is, of course, an advantage if you can quickly top up money in a PayPal Live Casino with this deposit method.

Can you use Paypal safely?

With this American payment service, you do not have to worry about the security of your online payments. The provider works with particularly secure encryption technology to protect your bank data from hacker attacks. In addition, PayPal allows you to make online casino deposits without having to deposit your bank details with the casino provider.

PayPal is rightly considered one of the safest payment methods on the Internet. This is mainly due to the basic functioning of an e-wallet. All transactions are not processed directly between the sender and recipient but are carried out by PayPal as an intermediary. This means that the parties involved in a payment receive only the most necessary information: you only see the PayPal email address of the other party.

This data economy alone has already achieved a significantly higher level of security than credit or debit cards or bank transfers, for example. In such transactions, specific account information is exchanged between the parties that can already be misused. PayPal keeps sensitive information confidential and does not make it accessible to outsiders.

But the security of the system is based on other factors. Basically, all communication over the Internet consists of many individual steps. The entire system can only be considered secure if each of them is adequately protected.

As is well known, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So how does PayPal deal with this challenge?

Levels of deposits and withdrawals security

Security procedures are already used at the level of communication between the customer’s browser and PayPal’s servers. The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is normally transmitted in plain text, is encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), making it unreadable for unauthorized persons.

You can check for yourself that you are communicating via such a secure connection. If an “https: //” is placed in front of the PayPal website in the address bar of your browser, the secure connection is established. If you want to pay with PayPal in the online casino, you will be automatically forwarded to such an SSL connection to the PayPal server.

In addition, you can use the PayPal security key to better secure access to your PayPal account. The small device that fits on your keychain automatically generates a unique number code every 30 seconds, which you must enter when logging into the PayPal website.

An attacker will not have access to your e-wallet even with your email address and password. If you lose your key, you find your way back again: Several security questions that you can choose and the answers of which you only know will open the doors to PayPal for you.

A test transfer takes place so that nobody can link your real bank account to their own PayPal account. After providing your account information, PayPal will transfer € 0.01 to this account for verification. You will get a 4-digit code for the transaction, which you then must enter in your PayPal account. Only then are the bank account and PayPal account linked.

In addition, PayPal is fighting hard against other fraud methods. For example, the payment service provider’s website provides extensive information on attempted fraud such as phishing or spoofing.

Paypal mobile casino

Sure, you don’t always want to be tied to your home computer when gambling and luckily there are many Mobile PayPal Casino that you can use on the go. On a smartphone or tablet, you don’t just want to gamble to your heart’s content, you also want to use PayPal to deposit or withdraw money on the go.

Unfortunately, not all PayPal mobile casinos offer you the option to top up your account on the go via PayPal. Therefore, take a close look at the respective terms of use of the PayPal Mobile Casino and make the appropriate transactions beforehand comfortably at home on your PC. 

Basically, this is the safest alternative, especially given the risk that your mobile device will be stolen. There are plenty of mobile casinos accepting Paypal so you can enjoy online slots, video poker and casino games. Be sure to check our casino reviews and select online casinos that accept Paypal deposits. 

Beware of spam and phishing emails!

In view of the widespread use of the online payment service provider, it is unfortunately unavoidable that fraudsters try to hide behind the famous logo and thus enrich it. So-called phishing is used particularly often. An e-mail is sent, the sender and content of which are based as closely as possible on real-looking messages from PayPal customer service.

These emails often report problems with the account that need to be resolved urgently. It is called to click a link, to enter data such as passwords and credit card numbers or to open an attachment. Under no circumstances is it important to follow these instructions!

PayPal never mails its customers the following:

1. You will never be asked for personal and sensitive data!
Information such as credit card numbers, the date of birth, passwords, bank details, email addresses, PINs, TANs, the number of the driver’s license or insurance numbers is not obtained in the context of an email!
2. There are no attachments to the mails!
No file that needs to be opened or downloaded is attached to an official message.
3. There are no prompts to click links!
If you need to do something on the PayPal website or on your customer account, for example, then you will not be offered a link to the PayPal website. Other websites are not linked either!
4. The first name and surname are always used when addressing!
You can recognize spam immediately by indirect greetings such as “Dear customer” or “Dear Sir or Madam”. PayPal will always address you with the full name.
5. It is clearly recognizable as the sender PayPal!
If the above signs arouse suspicion in you, then take a closer look at the sender of the mail by clicking on it and google it to be on the safe side.

If you confirm your suspicions of phishing fraud, it would be desirable not to simply delete the spam email in question. Better help to protect other customers from rip-offs. Please forward the email to [email protected]

Important: please do not change the original subject! After that, you should, of course, remove the relevant email from your mailbox immediately.

How can you withdraw profits?

At the same time, PayPal new casinos also offer the option of withdrawing winnings from the online casino account to your bank -or credit card account linked to PayPal. There is a charge of 0.35 Euro and 1.9% of the total amount. The transfer of the prize takes 1-5 working days depending on the casino and its account verification process.

PayPal slots

PayPal and similar payment methods

Other e-wallet solutions like PayPal are Neteller or Skrill. These give you, as well, the option to pre-charge your account in order to then pay online with the credit. Many consider PayPal as a mere money transfer service provider.

An advantage over other e-wallets is that you can make the payment directly with PayPal, without having to transfer money into your account before. This will save you time and can start immediately with the online casino real money game.


Similar options are available from the Paysafe Group. This company now comprises a large number of previously independent companies from the financial sector.

The group’s best-known product is the Paysafecard , which is based on the prepaid principle. You can get the cards in retail stores and used for payment on the Internet.

The main advantage of these cards is the anonymity of the buyer. Anyone who purchases a Paysafecard with cash can pay anonymously online. However, the sums are limited for this reason and the receipt of money is completely impossible.

Skrill and Neteller

PayPal’s closer relatives and competition include two other subsidiaries of the Paysafe Group: the e-wallets Skrill and Neteller. With Skrill, in particular, payment works on a comparable principle. Here, too, a source of money can be linked directly to the account, which can be used without additional charging. One advantage is the higher distribution of Skrill in online casinos compared to PayPal.

The same applies to the Neteller eWallet with its special proximity to the gaming industry. Almost all providers support this payment service provider, who has been working with the industry since 2000. In contrast to Skrill and PayPal, the credit on the account is mainly used here. A direct connection to a stored payment source is not provided.

Credit cards and cryptos

With Mastercard and VISA, the market leader among credit cards, you can also use it for fast online deposits at gaming providers such as casinos, poker rooms or betting providers. Anyone who owns such a card pays the same way as in other online shops. Name, card number and expiry date are enough to transfer money. The advantages are monthly billing and great financial flexibility.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have already found their way into some casinos. The spread of these new digital forms of money is currently still manageable. Customers also have to make compromises when it comes to game selection because providers often try to implement the game itself via blockchain. It takes a long time before the crypto casinos have closed the gap.

PayPal Casino free spins

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PayPal disadvantages

Like everything else, PayPal has its disadvantages. For starters, there are the fees. While deposits and withdrawals from online casinos are generally free of charge, a fee for receiving payment is payable via PayPal if you have requested a withdrawal at the casino. For private individuals, this is usually 1,9% of the money they receive plus a lump sum of 35 cents.

For example, if you have a profit of €1.000 paid out, PayPal will receive €19.35 in fees. In comparison, the direct competitor Skrill only takes 1% of the amount of money as a fee. This fee is to €10. When changing currencies, PayPal once again digs deep into the customer’s pocket with an additional 2.5%.

The PayPal fees at a glance:

  • Deposits: free of charge
  • Sending money: 1,9% + €0,35 when using a credit card
  • Cash receipt: 1,9% + €0,35
  • Top up credit card: 3,9% + € 0,35
  • Top up bank account: 1,9% + € 0,35
  • Charge others: 1,9% + €0,35
  • Conversion fee: 3,0% to 4,0%
  • Inactivity fee: none – account closure after 3 years
  • Micro payments: 10% + € 0,10
  • Collect donations: 1,2% + €0,35
  • Dealer conditions: 1,7% + € 0,35
  • Rates over €25,000: 1,5% + € 0,35

Another possible disadvantage with PayPal is the limits for deposits or withdrawals. These are restricted. At some casinos the PayPal limit is “only” 7.000 euros, while credit cards, bank transfers or Skrill can be used to deposit and withdraw six-figure amounts.

This disadvantage can be neglected for most players. For high rollers or players who have made a big profit, this is definitely an argument against PayPal.

PayPal Casino no deposit

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Paypal casino Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any online casinos that accept PayPal?

In this article, you can find the best online casinos that accept Paypal. Note, though, that unfortunately, not all online casino and sportsbook providers accept Paypal as payment method. Paypal requires a country license to allow players from that country to deposit and withdraw using PayPal.

How to withdraw winnings using Paypal?

If you made a deposit using Paypal, you will be asked to cash out using the same payment method. That’s a common PayPal online casinos practice, at least for the first withdrawal. 

You have to make Paypal your withdrawal method and then choose how much you would like to withdraw. Accept payment through a mail that is sent to your email address by PayPal and that’s it. Money should then be in your PayPal wallet.

Can I deposit via Paypal?

Yes, you can use PayPal to deposit in selected online casino and sportsbook providers. Paypal is safe and secure and that’s why people prefer it.

Can I get bonuses having deposited via Paypal?

You will surely have seen this note or a similar one: “Skrill or Neteller are not eligible for this bonus”. Note that some casino sites may include PayPal into this clause as well, so be sure to read all terms and conditions carefully.

Where can I find help when using Paypal?

In case you any problems occur, you can always get answers from the provider you use. Be sure to check

  • the FAQ section
  • Live chat online customer support
  • Email support service
  • Telephone for urgent assistance

Of course, you can always check PayPal’s Help page for more.