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Welcome to BetandSlots.com

Betandslots is a digital place which provides information on casinos and sports betting. It is designed for visitors older than 18 years old and are suitable to participate in gambling activities based on the lows of their country. The visitor must be aware of the gambling laws in their country and restrictions.

External links and Advertisement 

The advertised services are developed for users of which the local legal framework does not prohibit gambling actions. The user must comply with the local gambling regulations and the policy of the promoted operators. BetandSlots disclaim any liability related to direct or indirect damage or loss and hold the right to proceed legal action against jeopardization of its content.


The content on BetandSlots is protected by the copyrights and is prohibited for republishing, reproduction , distribution and display . A written authorization must be applied for its use by the website’s administration. Betandslots hold the right to proceed to legal actions if its copyright policy is violated.

Liability Disclaimer

BetandSlots aims to provide information related to the gambling sector, articles and advertisement for informational purpose only.  The content of the website can not be considered as a suggestion or advice for the visitor to take gambling actions. We support safe and responsible gambling with empowered knowledge to help them manage their gambling activities. Betandslots team is not responsible for material or moral impact on visitors behaviour on any gambling website. We focus on all the security issues in order to ensure the safe environment for its visitors. 

BetandSlots hold the right to change the terms at any time without notice.