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Land-based Casinos

The game in land-based arcades can hardly keep up with the experience that slot machine gaming offers in online casinos. But on the other side, the great advantage of the land-based arcades is the casino atmosphere in a great atmosphere, which despite extensive efforts cannot yet be generated in a comparable way at the online casinos. Customer service, especially for large arcade chains, is also more reliable and efficient. Many casinos rely on a particularly sophisticated ambience to differentiate their slot machines from the clichéd dark and dirty casinos from the 80s and 90s and to address a broader customer base.

High-quality interior and high-end technology ensure a great combination and an exciting and impressive atmosphere in which you can gamble slot machines for real money. The branches of large land-based casino chains in particular are a model of cleanliness and design and an oasis of wellbeing for slot machines. Often great value is also given to social gaming with friends and so you can secure seats on slot machines next to each other or have a chat outside the game. Many land-based casinos, especially large casino chains, offer their customers excellent service. There are always available service staff who take care of the well-being of the players and, if possible, also provide free drinks and snacks. Complaints processing for problems with slot machines works relatively quickly and fairly.

Land-based casinos bonuses

Land-based casinos in many countries are prohibited from offering customers cash gifts and bonuses. The attentions that are offered to you as an arcade guest are mostly limited to small gifts for holidays and free drinks and snacks. But the big operators always find ways to keep their customers happy. Just think that the bonus rounds at slot machine games in land-based casinos often look similar, regardless of whether you are playing Merkur, Novoline or Bally Wulff slot machines. The arrival of three or more scatters triggers free spins that either offer multipliers, have sticky wild symbols or randomly determine a bonus symbol with the expanding scatter feature. Although there are some exceptions such as Lucky Pharao or Eye of Horus from Merkur, most offline games offer hardly any innovations regarding the bonus games.

Land-based casinos advantages

The elegance and the glamour of a land-based casino is something you can’t find online. Experiencing the atmosphere in a casino, feeling the thrill of the other players and also watching the other players while playing is a completely different feeling than looking at the smartphone or laptop display. Here is what you can find only when entering a casino facility:

  • Flashing slot machines
  • Cheering or frustrating other players
  • Music
  • Socialising, laughing, talking and even dancing

For many, the flair is probably the main reason why they prefer land-based casinos to online casinos. After all, the interaction with others and social participation in social life cannot be shown in the form of a smartphone display. Going to the casino means going out, getting dressed up and spending an exciting evening. In addition to pure casino operations, there are often other entertainment options in a casino, such as

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Live music.

Land-based casinos, therefore, invite you to combine different types of leisure activities, which is why the experience of visiting a casino goes beyond simply playing.

Casino history

Gaming is in people’s blood and therefore many are fascinated by gambling, which is about money, winning and entertainment. However, where the origin of this game and the casinos is and when online casinos were able to establish themselves is relatively unknown. The following article should provide some clarification with a little look back at the past.

According to historical records, the first signs of the game for money can be found around 2300 BC. Back then, there were said to be precursors to today’s lotteries and dice games in China and Africa, and these games of chance were later to have been practised in ancient Rome. From there it is handed down that the old Teutons were almost addicted to playing with the dice and it was not uncommon for your own freedom to be used.

Modern history

Cards and dice have always been used for gambling in inns and, of course, among well-heeled social circles. Later in Italy the game with stakes was also offered at the Venice Carnival. The first casino was founded in Venice, Italy in 1638 and was called “Ridotto”. The origin of the word casinos is also Italian and comes from the word “Casa”, which means house.

A casino described a house that was built for pleasure: for dance, music and gambling. And even then there were already fixed house rules with regulations on the appropriate clothing in the casino. Due to the popularity of the casino, other casinos opened shortly afterwards in the Netherlands and France. The Baden Baden Casino was opened in 1750 as the first of its kind in Germany. The first state lotteries were also introduced in Europe at that time. Since then, the business of gambling flourished, which had to struggle with some interruptions, for example during the French Revolution, in many European countries.

Of course, the casinos have also found their way across the Atlantic to America. Since gambling was legalized in Nevada and Las Vegas in 1931, an impressive casino landscape has developed rapidly. Since the first casino in Las Vegas was built in 1942, the entire market has also developed rapidly. To date, classic dice games, roulette and poker have been offered.

Due to the invention of slot machines and their rapid spread and the resulting slots that are now known, the game became faster and sales increased steadily. Las Vegas has become the gambling capital of the world. In 1978 the casino business was also allowed in Atlantic City and the city developed into the second-largest metropolis in the USA for this market.