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What does the great writer and visionary H. G. Wells, who wrote novels like “War of the Worlds”, have in common with the game developer Electracade? What sounds like a question in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is actually quite unspectacular. Elctracade is headquartered in Blackwater, Hampshire, UK. And Wells wrote the classic above!

Electracade is a popular software manufacturer that develops its game ideas for both the online and offline market. Founded in 2004, it was sold in 2008 to OpenBet Ltd., which allowed the company’s portfolio to expand even further!

Electracade history

As it is so often the case with very successful business models, prospective customers who want to become partners or majority owners come at some point. And so did Electrade, which was founded in the UK in 2004. Through the aforementioned sale to OpenBet Ltd., fortunately, none of the innovative inventions and developments were lost. The company was integrated into the group and was able to launch even more innovations on the market through new rounds of financing.

In 2009, for example, a partnership was signed with Innovative Gaming, Inc. From this, the online version of QuickSeven developed, an online game that quickly became one of the most popular games ever.

Until its sale, Electracade was known for a variety of game implementations. Both table games and slot machines were on the plus side. In addition, various software solutions were also provided, which were more adapted to the area of ​​content management for existing online casinos.

Electracade’s classic games

From mini games to bingo, everything you can imagine is included. Electracade never tired of constantly developing new products and sometimes taking the plunge into the cold water before anyone else. In total, the provider comes up with more than 400 games!

The most famous slot games are Cleopatra, Cluedo and Wheel of Fortune! But creative slot machine themes have also emerged from exciting licenses from the film and comic industry. These include, for example, Robocop, Baywatch but also the Stargate, which is interesting for all sci-fi fans!

Whether the exciting hunt for the scatter and wild symbols, or for daredevils playing with multiple paylines – the slots are set up excellently across the board and offer hours of fun. Basically Electracade also operates with progressive jackpots. That means: The total profit increases until one player clears everything!

Electracade UKGC and Alderney licenses

As soon as you want to play online games and real money is bet, you automatically ask yourself how serious it is. With Electracade you don’t have to worry. The licenses of the British Gambling Control Commission and the Alderney Gaming Control Commission provide absolute player protection.

The Alderney Gaming Control Commission, or AGCC for short, has existed since 2000 and is one of the most highly valued licensing authorities on the market. The same applies to the British counterpart, which was launched in 2005.

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