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PG Soft (or Pocket Games Soft) sees itself as a game development company for mobile devices. It was founded in Valletta, Malta in 2015. There is now a company with 200 employees and additional offices in North America and Asia. At London ICE Totally Gaming 2017, the games were presented for the first time, which then came to the online casinos in the fourth quarter of 2017.

There is balanced math in the slots, a new 3D gameplay, which transcends the boundaries of the virtual world, as well as with intelligently made principles, which should lead the player through a labyrinth of excitement. Furthermore, according to their own statements, great value was placed on game music and they want to ensure an incomparable gaming experience with “acoustic symphonies”.

The PG Soft slot machines

Imaginative universes, appealing game dynamics with exciting action sequences and indescribable game music are promised to the users of the slots. But you can immediately see that you are primarily targeting mobile players, so you also have to count on a playing field in the browser of the desktop PC, which reminds you of a mobile device in portrait mode.

Thematically, the games range from mythological stories to legendary kingdoms and Little Red Riding Hood mangas to simple 3-reel slots with elaborate animations.

Win Win Won

Win Win Won is a very simple slot from the manufacturer, but it has a huge potential. The slot machine consists of 3 reels and has a payline. Overall, it is somewhat reminiscent of Asian slots. A dog sits on the slot, who sometimes intervenes in the action and has been elaborately animated.

The symbols are a dog bone, two dog bones in a stack, turquoise, green and yellow characters, and the dog’s head. As soon as 3 dog bones appear (no matter which symbol constellation) there is a win. Another special feature is that below the actual slot there is another roller that moves horizontally. It outputs a multiplier for the respective spin.

The stakes here range from 1 to 3 cents. The maximum win is stated as 7,800 times, which, however, corresponds to only € 234 due to the low stake. The payout ratio is 94.14%. Despite the enormous profit factor, one should not expect mega wins.

Hood vs. Wolf

At Hood vs. Wolf is a Manga Little Red Riding Hood game. It is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 30 paylines. In addition to the 4 standard letters, there are the tail, the paw, and the head of the wolf as symbols, as well as the little redhead, a basket with food, and a bouquet of flowers.

There is also the head of the wolf and the girl as a power symbol. They are not outlined with a golden frame, but with energy lines from a manga. Stone-paper-scissors-hands from the two players can also enter rollers 2 and 4. They are important for the battle feature.

In the upper area of the machine, you can see the two opponents facing each other. Below is a status bar about the distribution of forces. At the beginning, it is balanced with 9 to 9. Each Wolf or Little Red Riding Hood power symbol moves the status bar. When either of the two reaches 18 points, the wolf or hood feature is triggered. During the base game, instant wins can occur when two hands appear on reels 2 and 4 with rock-paper-scissors. The winning symbol will award the price shown below.

Otherwise, there are free spins when the wolf or hood feature is triggered. With three rounds of rock-paper-scissors, it is decided how many free spins you get. For every win, there are 5 free spins with 5 symbols that are randomly outlined. If wolf symbols (tail, paw, or head) land in the borders of the hood feature, they become wilds. With the wolf feature, on the other hand, hood symbols (basket, bouquet, or girl’s head) must run in so that they become wilds.

The stakes here range from 30 cents to € 45. The maximum profit for a full picture with wilds is € 22,500, which corresponds to 500 times the stake. The payout ratio is 95.39%. In our view, the entertainment value is clearly in the foreground, big wins are rarely possible. Ultimately, a lot of effort has been put into the animation in the upper area between the two combat partners. Sometimes when you play, you pay more attention to the animations and the status bar for the free spins features than to the wins or losses. The fun is given if you like mangas. But you have to be careful not to lose yourself too much in the game.

Summon and Conquer

Summon and Conquer focuses on a fantasy medieval empire. It is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 20 paylines. In addition to the 4 standard letters, there is an archery target, a drinking horn, a standard, a golden crown and a sign with the words wild. Two beer mugs form the scatter for free spins. Sometimes there is a golden key that opens a chest over the slot.

You can choose one or two cards (an additional bet of 50% of the stake is required for two cards). There are different symbols on the cards: knights, archers, magic crystals, gunners, magicians, lightning or firestorms. If cards from the box carry the same symbols that are above the slot, they are credited to the respective progress bar. Each card has a certain number of points, which are then loaded. If you have accumulated 5 points on each of the 4 warrior cards and also received the 50 magic points, the Deck Collection feature is triggered. You get 4 characters that you already know and a random character (especially strong dragon or magician) with whom you can then play.

You can choose between a battle feature and the lucky draw feature. With the Battle Feature, you have to compete against opposing kingdoms in 3 levels. You can use the characters 5 times as a warrior and once the strong unknown fighter. If you have destroyed all buildings and enemies on one level, there is a win and you go to the next level.

There you only have the units available that have not been destroyed. From level 2 you also have to fight against defense towers. If you don’t need so much excitement, you can start the Lucky Draw feature. There a slot reel with possible winnings is started. You spin once and then immediately get the profit.

3 Scatters grant 8 free spins that are no different from the normal game. They are extendable and you also get the golden keys. The Deck Collection feature is triggered during the free spins when you have collected all characters.

The stakes range from 20 cents to 30 € (with bonus bet 45 €). For a full screen with wilds, there would be up to € 150,000, which corresponds to 5,000 times the stake on the normal game. If you activate the 2 card feature, the bet is higher, but the maximum win remains the same. You only get the bonus games faster, but no bigger winnings. The theoretical payout ratio is 97%.

It is an appealing game with great potential. However, we have to admit that the Battle feature does not necessarily have high winnings, but we don’t think the entertainment value feature is bad. You can play the slot for a relatively long time because you always get smaller winnings.

4.7 rating
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