From cash to concurrency. All available payment methods for online casinos. Which payment should you choose?

Online Casino Payment Methods

One of the most iconic scenes in the “Cabaret” movie is the one with Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey singing “money makes the world go round”. A song and a meaning which has lost none of its importance in the digital age! BetandSlots will introduce you to the most common online casino payment methods, so that you do not lose track of the great offers in the online gambling world.

Before cash, there were many common payment methods in human history. The people of Micronesia once paid with stone money; in New Guinea one could buy goods with jewelry. The creativity of Homo Sapiens in the invention of means of payment seemed to be limitless. Imagine that other historical payment methods were furs, cigarettes, stones, salt, barley, snails and many more.

Meanwhile, cash is gradually replaced by modern and digital payment systems. For example, in the US and in Sweden public payments are almost entirely cashless. Many retailers in Scandinavia only accept credit cards or other digital payment methods. That’s why it’s no coincidence that some of the popular online casino payment methods, have been developed in Sweden.

If you want to deposit money today in an online casino of your choice, you can’t do it with cash. You have to choose one of the most popular online casino payment methods. There are significant differences between providers, especially in terms of security, fees and speed. But let’s take a closer look at what the online casino payment methods have to offer.

A little tip: Check the Terms and Conditions of the online casino you chose, which payment methods are accepted to deposit and withdraw.


Everyone knows the Visa credit card payment option. It’s no surprise that this payment option is also one of the most widely used as an online casino payment method. Visa has a staggering 60% market share in the global credit card market, so you can use it almost anywhere. To deposit in online casinos, all you need to do is have your Visa Card. After entering the data, a quick check is made and you can start immediately. The next time you use it, the card is already registered in the system and you just have to select it and enter the three-digit security key. A huge advantage of Visa is that you are protected against theft or fraud by the payment service. If you become a victim of such an offense on the Internet, Visa may recover the damages you incur in whole or in part. Visa transactions are also generally free.


Mastercard is accepted as a payment option in over 200 countries and is one of traditional payment services. The company is one of the most valuable in the world with a market capitalization of over $ 200 billion. MasterCard is therefore also a recognized online casino payment method that is used by countless players worldwide in online casinos. It’s difficult to find a casino provider which doesn’t have Mastercard under it’s payment methods.

Deposits happen at lightning speed, you just have to select Mastercard as a means of payment in the casino of your choice and then enter the details of your card. Payouts can also be made in the same way. Again, the credit card is stored so you only have to type in the three-digit security key on your next deposit. The transactions with Mastercard are basically free of charge. Sometimes you can even secure attractive bonuses when depositing with the Mastercard.

Bank transfer

The classic transfer from one bank account to another is of course also an online casino payment method. Millions of users worldwide use this well-known and easy payment option to deposit and withdraw money into their online casino account. If you have selected the specific payment option, you will be forwarded to a page in order to fill the appropriate data. At your own bank a transfer must be commissioned, which contains the name of the casino, the appropriate amount, intended purpose, IBAN and BIC. It can sometimes take three to five business days for the money to arrive, which is a clear disadvantage over other payment methods. A bank transfer payment happens in principle the other way around. Transactions via bank transfer are very secure and the online transfers are encrypted multiple times. There is no third party involved. However, many online casinos could incur additional charges.


The crypto-currency Bitcoin is on everyone’s lips especially in the recent past and has made an impressive success story and increase in value. Therefore, it is only logical that the digital currency is also used as an online casino payment method. Bitcoin is a decentralized monetary system, banks or states are not involved in trading. To use Bitcoin sensibly as a payment method in online casinos, you need a so-called e-wallet, a virtual wallet.

Some online casinos even work directly with e-wallets, so you do not even need to buy previously purchased bitcoins. The problem is that the cryptocurrency is subject to strong price fluctuations. For short-term transactions Bitcoin is interesting but mainly because of the anonymity thanks to the blockchain technology. With this online casino payment method, no account or credit card information is disclosed. Another advantage is the fast turnaround time and the counterfeit security. You should definitely watch this payment method. Other cryptocurrencies accepted by some casinos are Litecoin and Ethereum.


PayPal was launched in California in 2000 and has become one of the leading online payment services in the world. At PayPal, the user has a virtual account and his identity is defined by e-mail address. There is no account number and PayPal does not take over the function of a trustee, only the payment processing is taken over. The payment service is considered safe and provides real buyer protection, which is especially important in the world of online gaming. Customers who have their PayPal account linked to their bank account or credit card do not even have to recharge the account. When paying, the money is simply debited from the reference account via direct debit.


Trustly is one of the online casino payment methods that allows you to get started without registration or registration in virtual casinos. The Swedish company has existed since 2008 and, thanks to valuable licenses from renowned financial supervisory authorities in Sweden and even the German TÜV, meets the highest safety standards. The payment service is toll-free and more and more casinos now offer a Trustly Pay N Play Bonus. To use the service, you only need an online banking account, but not an extra registration with Trustly. If you want to deposit at a casino, you will be redirected to Trustly and have access to your online banking access data. After entering a TAN it can start immediately, the transaction module can do even registration or registration in the casino independently in the background if necessary. The anonymity and the lightning fast, free deposit and withdrawal definitely speak for Trustly.


Another popular online casino payment method is the Paysafecard. This grants complete anonymity in the payment, the creation of an account such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller completely eliminated. In addition, it is partly land-based, which many nostalgic friends should look forward to. For example, the customer purchases the Paysafecard at a fixed amount in “real life” – for example, in the supermarket or at a gas station – and then finds a number that he enters when making the payment. The payment service is in principle free of charge for the users, but the dealers have to pay fees, which unfortunately are sometimes passed on to the users. It should be noted that the Paysafecard can only be used for online casino deposits, the payment must be made by other means. Despite the fees and the lack of payment options, many online players swear by this method. Anonymity is a great asset in our digital society and has its price.


Skrill is another online casino payment option that is very popular. Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers, since 2013 there is the today common company name. Skrill, like Neteller and Paysafecard, is part of the giant Paysafe Group. Users must first open an account with Skrill, then deposit money and then get started. The deposit can be made in many ways, for example by normal bank transfer, instant bank transfer or credit card. By now, you can also link your Skrill account to a bank account, which has the advantage of being able to handle a Skrill Casino withdrawal as well. Signing up with Skrill is basically free, but there are fees for transactions. Often, however, this takes over the dealer who works with Skrill. The main argument for the use of Skrill is the high security standards, especially in the online gaming area.


The payment service Neteller has been around since 1999, an old hand, so to speak. It also belongs to the powerful Paysafe Group. Headquartered on the Isle of Man, many of our readers are probably familiar with the famous annual motorcycle race. To use, you must open a customer account, which is very simple and straightforward. Unlike other payment systems, Neteller is a prepaid service. This means you can only pay if there is money left in your Neteller account. The advantage here is that you do not spend more on understanding than you actually wanted, so a good hedge. The deposit can be made in a variety of ways, such as by bank transfer, credit card, Skrill, Paysafecard and even Bitcoin. Note, however, that it can take a few business days in normal bank transfer. A main argument for this online casino payment method is that you get a credit card from Neteller. This can then theoretically be used wherever you find the Mastercard character.


The AstroPay Card is a virtual prepaid credit card that is particularly popular in South America. The card is purchased online, prepaid with money, and you will receive your card number and security code by e-mail. In an online casino, you only have to select AstroPay as the online casino payment method and enter the data just mentioned. The money is instantly available and you can start playing the real money game right away. The acquisition of the one-time use AstroPay Card is usually within 24 hours, often much faster. This payment method is only available in South America and you can only deposit money and cause no casino payout. For the payout you have to choose a different method, which can then make the entire gaming experience on the Internet complicated.


EcoPayz is a global company that many online gamers use as a payment method. To use one must first create an account. With EcoPayz you can then make anonymous deposits and withdrawals. Bank details or personal details will not be disclosed. There are different types of accounts at EcoPayz, they are called Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. At the lowest level, the use is limited. We therefore recommend switching to the Silver level immediately, which allows you to use the most important functions. For this purpose, only an identity determination is necessary, which works among other things with the identity card or passport. Account opening is free, but there are small fees for transactions that you should keep in mind.


Entercash is an emerging payment system that works in conjunction with traditional online banking. If you select the white-blue logo of Entercash in the online casino of your choice, then enter the desired amount and you will be redirected to the login of your online bank. Here you make the transfer by entering your login details and the Online Banking PIN. Subsequently, a confirmation by a transaction number. After that, you will be redirected directly to the casino and can immediately start playing with the deposited amount. Unlike the classic bank transfer, this eliminates the annoying waiting time of three to five working days. Fees also do not apply to this online casino payment method and withdrawals can also be made through this. Bottom line, Entercash offers a free, easy and, above all, secure payment method and therefore has good chances of establishing itself on the market in the long term.


Entropay is a virtual credit card service that works with Visa. To use this name on our list of online casino payment methods, you must create an account with Entropay. However, this is free and a matter of only a few minutes. You will then receive a virtual Visa credit card. This must now be charged with money. This can happen via bank transfer or with a real credit card. But beware, because when charging the account and also in the payment of real money in online casinos charges. You also need to be aware that charging by bank transfer can take several business days. These disadvantages are compensated by the fact that with Entropay they can theoretically pay anonymously wherever Visa is accepted as a means of payment. In practice, however, there are sometimes problems with purely virtual credit cards. In an online casino, which explicitly lists Entropay as a payment option, but not. The sites often reimburse you for the relatively high fees.


The Finnish payment service Euteller is mainly aimed at users from Finland, but theoretically it can be used by all customers of the Finnish partner banks. If you have such a bank account, you can easily make payments and do not need to register extra. After selecting this option, the casino of your choice forwards you to the online banking site of your bank, where you enter all relevant data. The whole thing works on mobile devices and the money is available immediately after the data entry. Euteller is absolutely safe as an online casino payment method. Unfortunately, the circle of users is quite limited, because you ultimately need an account with one of the eight Scandinavian partner banks. The use of low fees, but the casinos usually do not charge.


Among the online casino payment methods, Giropay is one of the safest. Here it is possible to deposit money in online casinos without a credit card. All you need is a checking account that supports online banking, and that should now be standard on most providers. The use is free and you do not need a complex registration or registration. One advantage is that the receiving casino is currently receiving a payment guarantee from the user’s bank. The deposit is very easy. Simply select Giropay at the online casino, enter the amount you wish plus your bank details and you will go to the page of your online bank. By entering a transaction number, the payment process is complete and you can immediately start playing the casino game of your choice. Another positive aspect is that you do not have to register with a third party.


iDeal is an online casino payment method that comes from Holland since 2005. Original target were only citizens from the Netherlands, but now is available in almost all EU countries. Like many other systems, iDeal relies on online banking. So after selecting this payment option, you go to the online banking form of your bank. If you have entered everything correctly there, the money is immediately available for playing. Deposits are usually free, but unfortunately you have to use a different method to pay for something, which in turn diminishes the overall online gaming experience. Another requirement is that you have a bank account with one of iDeal’s partner banks. Transactions with iDeal are usually free.


The English payment system UPayCard issues virtual and real credit cards, which can be used in principle wherever you can pay with the Mastercard. First of all, you have to create an account on the UPayCard page, but this is done quickly and free of charge. Then you have to deposit money. This can be done via credit card, bank transfer and even Bitcoin. To deposit money at an online casino, you must select the option Mastercard or especially UPayCard. Then you have to enter name, card number, expiration date and security code. If your UPayCard is loaded with cash, you can get started in seconds and gamble at the online casino of your choice. Payments are also possible. However, charging your virtual card will incur fees, just as you would pay. Nevertheless, many users opt for the UPayCard because they can use the gigantic payment network of Mastercard..


Another new payment service is Zimpler. It exists since 2016 and focuses on mobile usage. In the past, this online casino payment method could only be used by users from Finland or Sweden – virtually the mother countries of cashless payment transactions. Citizens from Germany and Great Britain have recently also benefited from Zimpler. Zimpler is anonymous, secure and there is a competent support. To use it requires an account, which is automatically created on the first use. The verification is done via your mobile phone number. Unfortunately, with some online casinos, the payout can not be made using cimplers, which requires a different method. As the name implies, Zimpler is very straightforward.


Most German users should know Sofortüberweisung. This payment method does everything necessary by means of a transfer form within the online casino. The settlement of the transaction takes place via the own bank account, therefore at the casino unfortunately also security-relevant data like PIN or TAN must be specified, which are usually revealed only on the side of the bank. However, the operating company Sofort AG emphasizes again and again that these data are transmitted exclusively via a secure payment form. In addition, the company now has the coveted German TÜV seal, thus guaranteeing the highest safety standards. For those who are not in the mood for an expensive registration with a third-party provider, instant bank transfer is still the first choice. Real money is available within minutes and you can start gambling online right away.

Find the best online casino payment method

We hope that with BetandSlots list of the most popular and best online casino payment methods, we can give you a brief overview of the endless possibilities and possibilities of online payment transactions. The times of paying with snails or stones are definitely over! More information on processing times, fees and availability of a particular method you will always find at the online casino of your choice. With a click in the red boxes, you will always come up with an even more detailed description of the payment method. We hope you enjoy playing and trying out!

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