Very Important Person is a term translated for online casinos as most valued customers and there is a big set of bonuses and rewards for them

With a new online casino coming around every day, it’s more than obvious that the most wanted customers are the so-called VIPs. And the casino business knows almost better than anyone how to treat those high valued clients. With VIP bonus designed for high rollers!

A tight VIP club and some juicy VIP bonuses will always seal the deal for both sides. Let’s see what a VIP casino club is. Let’s see how VIP bonus works. Both for online casinos as well for the customer who can deposit five-figure amounts or even more!

VIP’s can take advantage of the many High Roller Bonuses available at the top online casinos. As you might have noticed VIP Bonuses aren’t the easiest to find. So keep this BetandSlots page in your favorites, since we know what casinos take care of their best customers!

Every business knows the need to cherish their most valued customers. Nobody knows better how to make a VIP feel like a VIP than online casinos.

It’s obvious that online casinos love their best customers and express their appreciation of their loyalty in many ways.

The VIP program is one of them. The casino industry offers quite a few exclusive VIP programs not only to attract new high valued players. Also to make the existing ones feel that special treatment.

VIP Clubs and VIP Bonus for High Rollers

There are online casinos accepting only High Rollers and VIP’s, obviously offering the same level of treatment. Those casinos only allow high roller bets and are designed for players with a much larger gambling budget than the average casino customer. As a small reward, they receive a special treatment that you would receive from a physical casino, the more money you gamble, the more benefits you get.

Then there are the regular online casinos that simply have a VIP bonus program for those who bet a certain amount. A minimum betting amount someone has to reach in order to gain access to these programs.  Since he has placed bets of that certain amount, he receives this rare invitation to join the casino club. This is how it works in most situations. The player gets invited by the casino.

And you will know when you get invited. You won’t miss it.

But there is also a catch, since a lot of online casinos which pamper their VIP’s with this treatment, will not say what the requirements are. Don’t worry, it’s also a simple marketing strategy. They want you to keep you playing because if they told you what the requirements were, you might think it was too high and not even bother or you might simply bet all of that at once in order to take advantage of the benefits. So, keeping those requirements a… secret, you’re forced to just play more and more until it happens.

But when someone gets in those casino clubs, he will definitely enjoy a handful of benefits depending on the casino. One casino might offer you more and more VIP bonuses the more money you spend.

VIP benefits – all kind of VIP bonuses

  • A regular online casino bonus might have high wagering requirements. For example 30-40 times the deposit amount. As a VIP though, wagering requirement might only be five times the deposit amount.
  • If a VIP reaches a certain number of bets, he might get entry into a tournament for free.
  • When a High roller exceeds an amount in winnings, he might get exclusive invitations to a VIP Club. With no charges for withdrawals! Or he won’t have any monetary limits on deposits! Or even better yet he will get access to a portfolio manager. He will help to see where the VIP is making the most money with his bets.
  • Those players which are eligible for a special VIP program can get exclusive bonuses, birthday bonuses, surprise bonuses, anniversary bonuses, and many more. They get free holidays, prizes, and access to exclusive parties!
  • Invitations to special VIP events is one of the most unique aspects a VIP will find at one of these casino clubs. Even though we are talking about online gaming, many online casinos will fly their VIP’s physically to another location for a party or a casino event like a tournament as part of their reward. These are typically reserved for the highest tier of VIP players but once someone reaches this level he might receive benefits like paid vacations, concert tickets, or tickets to sporting events in his area!
  • VIPs get dedicated casino hosts who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Casino hosts will typically be available via instant message or email are going to make sure that the VIP client has all of the questions answered and all problems solved immediately.
  • And on top of that, VIPs might be given faster cash-outs and all requests are processed in as little time as possible.

Special bonuses

In general, players who get accepted into these clubs are treated to much more than just some extra cash. Although, in some situations, VIP programs for those selected members of those clubs, can even offer high roller bonuses, wherein for every deposit the player makes the casino adds an equivalent amount as a VIP bonus to their account.

In fact, online casinos can go a long – long way to make their VIP players happy with their experience on the casino. It’s true that they do everything in their power to offer them an unforgettable and fun gambling experience.

Loyalty points, cashback bonuses, and even free wagers! VIP’s get that special something that continues to keep them loyal to the casino.

The benefits someone gets joining a casino club, are built with time. The longest someone stays elevating his total hours of playing and his wagers to astronomical numbers, the more benefits he will get. On some occasions, they will get more monetary rewards than a player has lost!

High rollers get – and that’s how it should be – special bonuses. Stay tuned at BetandSlots and get the best online casino VIP bonuses!

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