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Tips and tricks for slots! How to win and how to maximize your profit starting from your online casino bonus!

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Slots are the casino paradise! It’s the place where you can always have fun combining it with the thrill of a bet. Every online casino tries to lure the player offering the best and most advanced slots in the market. You can play for free, but you can also play using real money hoping to win something back. You can even win a real fortune, hunting the big jackpot at online casino slots!  

Every slot has winning rows and is equipped with symbols and numbers. You bring their roller system in motion by pushing the slot button, but first, you should have placed your bet. Either in real money from your online casino account, either by playing for free with the credit units each system uses.

In just a click rollers get in motion and the moment they stand still you see if you have a winning combination in some of the lines.

It’s the simplest casino game there is and probably that’s why slots are so popular.

At Betandslots you can see the best online casinos and the best offers for the players. If you are looking for the best slot machines you are in the right place.

Why play online slots

More spins mean more chances to win. More money on your account mean more spins. The online casino slots equation is quite simple, isn’t it? In the internet universe you are just a click away of everything, including the world of online slots. Whether for free, with free spins in advance, or for the real thrill with real money.

The question “why to play casino online” is answered by the market which is booming. There are no opening and closing hours, online casinos work around the clock, 365 days a year. You can play using your computer, your laptop, your tablet or even your smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection. This means that you will never again be bored during the lunch break while traveling with the train or in any waiting lounge. It is really so simple and so comfortable.

In land-based casinos, you spend your time alone in front of a slot game. Now you can take advantage of the mobile technology revolution and visit any online casino of your choice even through an application.

Why select online casino slots

Fast deposits

To play fast at an online slot machine, the deposit at an online casino is crucial. It has to be fast and safe. Online casinos often offer a wide range of payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins, the Paysafecard or Skrill and Neteller which are the most popular and lots of other solutions.

No dress code

Visiting a land-based casino needs time and usually to follow a dress code. Players who play online slots online do not have to follow a dress code, since they can visit them whenever they feel like it. So, if you want, play in underpants! Online casinos won’t notice a thing, even when you jump on your bed celebrating your last win.

Feel good in a familiar environment

In every casino guide you will find a section referring to the players emotional state. In a physical casino many people feel uncomfortable, for some the environment is too cold, for others too warm. Some feel nervous, especially beginners which don’t know how to deal with those emotions.

Being in an online casino while at home or on the road, you can prepare yourself in peace on your online slot machine of your choice, learn about online slots and choose the speed and the length of the next game. There is no pressure and you can find almost every information about online slot machines, their features, and the best online casinos.

In a physical casino you could find yourself in a waiting line for your favorite slot, or feeling the pressure of someone waiting for you to finish. This never happens online. Slots are waiting for you, whenever you feel the need to have some fun!

Boost your winning chances with an online bonus

You can find slot machines to play for free gaining the experience needed, while entertaining yourself. You can also check the best online casino bonuses and open an account having already won some free spins and some extra money to boost your chances.

Huge selection of online slots

One of the biggest advantages of online casinos is the huge selection of slots. Especially in the best online casinos of the market. There is actually no physical casino that can come even close to the online diversity an online casino can offer to the player. And there is a reason for this: The production of an online slot game is cheaper and faster. The best software vendors are producing new games almost every month which could never fit in a land-based facility. Without mentioning material costs…

Free online slots

If you don’t feel like playing for real money, but still want to feel the thrill and fun of playing online slots, you can still find numerous slot machines to play for free. And there is absolutely no catch!

In a physical casino you always had to play for real money. Makes sense, since the casinos have to live on something. Fortunately, times have changed and the world of casinos has also moved to the internet and nowadays you can play the most popular slot machines anywhere and anytime for free. Perfect for killing time, when you’re bored or when you just want to devote yourself to slot machine gaming.

Choose your favorite provider in peace and have a lot of fun without spending even a penny. It might not sound fulfilling, but still it’s the safest option. Because slot machines and gambling in general, thanks to or despite the fun experience, could unfortunately often become a trap. In the case you don’t want to check every minute your account, but just play for fun, you should try the free slots.

Online casino and software vendors are competing very hard, which is a great thing for every player. If you are a passionate gambler, there can be nothing better, because never before was the online casino offer on the internet as big as today. But still, now you need more time to choose the right online casino for you.

Test the games

Free slot machines give you the ability to test the games for as long as you want, gain experience, and make new discoveries and even find some strategies. You don’t have to risk your money trying a new game. You can simply try it out for free. And you can test as many as you wish.

Actually, there are no differences in an online slot-machine whether you use the demo version for free, or playing with real money. If you play in free mode, you will notice no changes. You get a fictitious number of coins that you can use in the slot. In the end, you can’t cash out your winnings. On the other hand, it also has some advantages: No registration is needed, no sensitive personal data are filed. But, since no money is flowing, you play on the net far more anonymous than real money games.

Becoming a Slot Master! Slot-machine winning strategies

A simple rule: No one can become a champion right from the first mouse click. That’s why, here at BetandSlots, the recommendation is for beginners to use free slot machines and only if their self-confidence has risen to switch to the real casino.

You can even use strategies for various online slots. With trained betting systems you have your finances under control and can withdraw them when you have reached your target. But until you have internalized such a system, it takes a lot of work. This experience you can get at free slot machines.

Free spins can still boost your account

There are a few options to boost your account through a free spins bonus! For example newbies are given some free spins along with their welcome bonus on their initial sign-up and on some rare occasions you can find some no deposit bonuses! You don’t have to pay a single penny and you have the chance to earn some real cash playing in the online casino slot-machines.

The no deposit casino bonus needs usually to be wagered 20 to 50 times on different online casinos. Additionally, in most occasions the stakes are limited, but the general rule is that finally you can get paid! In other words, you tend to win just as you would with real money and the winnings are credited. But beware: All profits that one has made, need to be wagered before you can pay them off.

For example, if you have won 20 credits of real money through your free spins bonus, you have to spend those 20 credits in total (20, 30, or ) 40 times in casino games before you can finally cash them out. If after this procedure you have profits, you can of course withdraw them. If you lose your 20 credits, they are gone. But no one has to tell you that you never paid anything in the beginning and you still got your fun time! And that’s what you came for.