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The Paroli system is a popular roulette strategy known as a great way to get excited at the roulette table on online casinos. It helps the player to make the best use of his luck.

Just like many other roulette strategies, Paroli only works for the lowest house edge bets. These are: Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1-18/19-36 (small numbers/big numbers). Betting on these results gives the player a good start: a chance to win almost 50%, since there is the zero (0) factor in the European roulette and the extra double zero in the American roulette.

Since the Paroli system is based on the principle of a lucky streak, the player must determine the length of the desired winning streak before starting the game. Ideally, this is short: 3-5 roulette rounds per winning streak are an excellent choice that goes well with most gambling budgets. Longer streaks of fortune carry higher risks, but can also deliver higher profits.

Paroli system: How does it work

Once the player starts the game, he must follow the Paroli rule, which states that the bet must be doubled after each win. It´s so simple.

For example, if the player starts and wins 2 credits, his next bet will be 4 credits. After another win, he bets 6 credits, etc. If the player loses, however, he returns to the initial bet (in this example 2 credits). He continues now until the planned winning streak has been achieved. After this is completed, the player must return again to his initial bet.

An important advantage of the Paroli strategy is its security, which is why it is very popular among players with smaller gambling budgets.

The Paroli system does not require high bets and minimizes the risk of losing a lot of money in a roulette round. However, this also means winning sums are restricted.

Overall, the Paroli strategy is perfect for roulette players who want to enjoy maximum roulette fun in their online casino with minimal risk!

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