A full guide on Red Bet and Yello Betpresented by BetandSlots online Betting Academy will tell you how bets on player bookings work and what strategies really help you!

Betting on yellow and red cards in brief:

  • Who wins the game? It doesn´t matter. Betting on cards is all about yellow and red color!
  • In this bet, you care only for the number of cards shown by the referee of the match you selected. Don´t forget to check our tipsters which analyze every game for you!
  • Statistics can also be exciting: strategy is crucial in card bets.
  • Pre-match or live? What you have to consider in your choice and how you are one step ahead of others!
  • A real profit opportunity: Secure the best deal with the cashout feature in card bets before the end of the game!

Betting on bookings: This is how you bet on yellow and red!

Betting on bookings work usually as an over/under bet. It’s a popular market and bookmakers have various offers on this one! In a booking bet, the final score of the game is completely irrelevant – what really counts is if you predicted the number of cards and that´s how you are rewarded.

There are several ways to bet on yellow and/or red cards in football matches. These are the most popular special bets that you can use in BetandSlots betting guide:

– First yellow card

Probably the easiest method for card bets is betting on which team will see the yellow card first. In general, the odds for both teams are pretty close to each other. Super high odds, however, do exist for the rare occasion of a match ending without any single card shown.

The first player warned is far more difficult to predict. Nevertheless, there are some players who played more brutally in the past and during heated derbies which can be an indicator.

– Team with a player sent off

Of course, red cards are much less common on the football field. This bet is more attractive and promises a lot of excitement. Red cards tend to be difficult to predict and involve some risk.

– Player sent off

Some players have a higher chance of a red card than their colleagues. Especially tough defenders tend to have a higher chance of conceding the reds.

– Timing of the first warning

Here you can bet on the time period where the first card will be shown. For example, between the 1st and 15th minute or the 16th and 30th minute?

– Total number of bookings

Total cards market is a particularly attractive one, as you do not have to bet on a specific team or player. You just need to predict the total number of cards a referee will show during the match. All bookmakers offer this market.

Kick off and sent off. It took only 54 seconds for Uruguays Jose Alberto Batista to see the red card during the 1986 World Cup match against Scotland.

The fasted red card shown in the World Cup

Betting on yellow and red cards: Tips and tricks

Betting on yellow and red cards: BetandSlots presents the top five tips for your success! Successful sports betting red bet, and the yellow bet has a lot to do with strategy and planning. These are the five most important tips for betting on yellow and red cards!

1. Derby fever

Derbies are particularly hot. Taking a closer look at those matches and their heated history in recent years you can understand that they tend to have many players booked during the 90 minutes.

You can always compare the average number of cards a team has in other normal matches with the number of bookings during derbies. There you can see the difference!

2. Hot-tempered players

Are there players with a long history in the specific game? Did you check the tackles per game, fouls per game and cards per game stats? Anyone who has proven to be a hothead in the game in the past can also be booked again in this game. Or his fouls can result in a red card!

In some leagues as the Premier League, you can see the card points in detailed tables. On the other hand, players which could reach a number of cards which won´t allow them to play in a crucial game which will follow, will probably be a little more careful and try to avoid getting booked as much as possible.

For example: If a player is on the limit of yellow cards and the game after is very important, he will be as cautious as possible in the rather unimportant match.

3. Check the standings

Before you place your bet, check the standings. Is it an important game or even a knockout match? Does a team have much to lose? Maybe they will play harder. Standings are always a good indicator before placing a bet.

4. Advantage

Has the favorite team won the first leg 5-0? It could mean that the 2nd leg is less important. On the other side, can an open result in the first match give the outsider some better chances for the 2nd leg? They might play harder and get physically tougher.

5. The referee

Information flows and travels fast. You can check the referee´s history and see if he shows yellow and red cards statistically more often than his colleagues. It is definitely worth to have a look at the referee statistics!

Betting on yellow and red cards: Pre-match or live?

Probably the most important question in booking bets: Should I place my bet before or during the game?

If you are an expert you can find lucrative odds before a match starts. But you need experience.

In any case, when it comes to red cards, its always better to wait for the match. Unless you have studied the match very carefully and the statistics speak in favor of your bet! But even in this case, the game can still run completely differently.

Penalty and back to the dressing room. Olexandr Kucher wrote his name in the history books when he needed just 2 minutes and 39 seconds to see red card in the game of Bayern Munich against Shakhtar Donetsk. The defender of the Ukrainian team brought Mario Goetze down for a penalty which was the beginning of a humiliating 7-0 loss for his team.

Fastest sent off in the Champions League history

Use the cashout feature

If your bet does not seem to go your way, you can use the cash-out before the end of the game,

You could bet pre-match on a few yellow cards and hope that both teams will take it easy. If there are really few or no cards, you grab the cashout and secure your profits without having to sweat till the end.

Timing is everything regarding the cashout option. If you sell too soon, you will lose some profits. Too late sales also endanger the whole deal. Watch the game very carefully and wait for the right time!

Get the best deals: Betting odds for bookings

Betting on yellow and red cards is not only exciting, but it can also be very lucrative. Very often odds are at close to the 2x range and it is worthwhile to bet on bookings. You can compare odds and find the best ones for your bet.

Pros and cons of bookings bets

Betting on bookings offer an exciting change from the usual types of bets

Especially for experienced players which can make some serious profit. With a thorough analysis and a close look at the statistics, your bet on bookings is definitely well placed! Beware when betting on red cards, these are difficult to predict and should not be typed with too high stakes.

Top bookmakers in the market offer high odds on booking bets since the competition in the online betting scene is real high these days! This is always an advantage for the player.

Another advantage for the players is the fact that there are intensively trained and experienced football experts who are surprisingly accurate in forecasting the possible number of yellow and red cards. You can always check our tipsters!

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that bets on yellow and on red cards represent a so-called side bet market which could limit the players’ options.

Betting on bookings is an alternative to the classic betting opportunities. A look at the statistics and an in-depth analysis of the match is the perfect basis for a bet on bookings!

Check our best bookmakers and place your bets!

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