MyVegas strategy guide – Tips and tricks to gain rewards

With myVegas mobile application, you can earn free hotel rooms, meals, show tickets, and more. No wonder it’s the #1 Free Casino App on iTunes and a fan favorite on Google Play and the Amazon Kindle stores as well. Betandslots presents you the best myVegas strategy to earn as many Loyalty Points as possible and turn them into actual real-life rewards!

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MyVegas strategy guide

The official mobile and Facebook game of MGM Resorts and M life Rewards is myVEGAS. A free-to-play app that offers a collection of slot games and table games and gives you amazing rewards from MGM Resorts destinations. Here is the best myVegas strategy guide presented and analyzed!

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With myVegas mobile application, you can earn free nights in hotel rooms, meals, buffets, show tickets and more. No wonder it’s the #1 Free Casino App on iTunes and a fan favorite on Google Play and the Amazon Kindle stores as well. 

Download the mobile app or find it on Facebook and start redeeming your rewards now! Your point is to earn the maximum from such bonus games, and myVegas offers exactly this just by playing the game! Here are some myVegas tips and tricks.

MGM Resorts and M Life Rewards have now a whole collection of social applications like POP! Slots, myKonami Slots, and myVegas Blackjack for example. 

The social casino app that started it all, myVEGAS offers endless entertainment with its ever-growing library of new game content, daily challenges, and special offers. And the best part? Every time you play, you’ll be earning coveted awards from MGM travel and leisure partners—like Bellagio, Wolfgang Puck, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and more.

Everyone loves to roll like a VIP when they hit Las Vegas. Take the limo. Skip the lines. And score that table right upfront. Now, you can have that same head-turning experience when you level up and enter the myVEGAS Hi Roller Room. That’s where you’ll find the newest games along with special deluxe editions of most popular titles.

Why play myVegas Facebook game?

It’s a question asked on all games. What will you get out of your game at the end of the day? Will it be virtual islands, pigs, tanks, Mafiosi, or Azzinoth’s war gulls? I have all of those and actually they don’t help me in real life. Besides those few moments of fun and maybe relaxation, there is nothing more to get. 

If you follow myVegas slots strategy though, you can earn real stuff. You can win free nights at Hotels, free spins, free buffet, show tickets, food vouchers and much more. If you have the time to spend feeding these virtual slots then you could win a lot more in Las Vegas and in real life. Personally I let things run in the evening while watching TV. 

Welcome Bonus Get Up To $2500 And 100 Free Spins
Only For New Players.
T&Cs Apply
Welcome Offer Terms: Min. Deposit Is $/€25, Free Spins And Bonuses Have A maximum Cashout of $/€100. Only For New Players. Please Read Bonus Terms. T&C Apply
Bookmaker Bonus $30 Free For Account Verification
Use Coupon Code Provided
T&Cs Apply
Only For Sport Betting, Wager X20 And Bet Ratio 1.8+ For Wager To Count. Bonus Is Valid For 30 Days. Full Terms apply. 18+ Gamble Responsibly. T&C Apply

MyVegas strategy guide- getting started and earning more chips

With myVegas app, you can enjoy many casino games such as blackjack and of course various slots. In the course of the game you earn – in various ways explained in this guide – chips, which you can use to place bets on these games. There you have the chance to win a certain number of Loyalty Points.

Your chip stack goes up and down as it does in real gaming conditions, but regardless of the outcome, even if you loseall your chips, you’ll eventually earn LPs which is the ultimate target! You can use these Loyalty Points to redeem various rewards. The more you earn, the more you can play and the more LPs you will earn.

Here are some basic methods and the rules of myVegas, so in less than a month someone can earn over $100 in comp value, or 500.000 chips and over 50.000 loyalty points. 

In order to get more, you need to have myVegas friends. The more you have or create, the more you can add to your account. So get out there and get as many as you can! Of course, you can purchase more chips, but since the idea is to get freebies, buying them isn’t necessary. But if you want to support the game, you can do it. 

Visiting myVegas app official page is always a way to increase your amount of chips. Playstudios, the company that created the app, give from time 500 up to 5000. Gaining loyalty points is also possible since there are (not so often though) up to 5000 loyalty points given away just by clicking some links. You can earn up to 1000 from email if you have subscribed.

One of myVegas game targets is to build all MGM Las Vegas properties by collecting V’s in a series of games. When you’ve built one, the property will release a set of chips at specified time intervals. 

When you start the game as a beginner you will get 3 related venues to gather them. A helicopter pad, a chapel, and a strip-mall. As you level up you will be able to build more and collect bigger rewards. As every promotional action, during special occasions and holidays, there are some additional bonuses available to grab. 

myVegas strategy
myVegas strategy

Daily Spin – Gifts – Level up and Gameplay

myVegas strategy presented by Betandslots has a few other options to gain chips. The Daily Spin option, a special feature available every 22 hours, can get you a lot of them and LPs. You spin a wheel and according to your level, the bonus you hit on the wheel, the number of days played in a row, the number of friends and if you liked the myVegas app page or not, you can earn up to 15000 chips and up to 1000 loyalty points!  

On top of that, you will earn 100 loyalty points for the first 20 people you re-gift up to 5 LPs per person. Of course, the most optimal way to win is the gameplay itself. You can reach higher levels and earn more myVegas free chips. 

MyVegas optimal strategy guide

You understood the whole idea until now. Earn loyalty points and redeem free stuff. So if you go to myVegas app page, like it and then click on all myVegas free chips you find on their wall. It’s enough, to begin with. Here are some more of myVegas rewards tips and tricks.

Then you can add your name in the myVegas gifts, guides & giveaways page and add other members you find there. Don’t overdo it! You will find more tabs from connected apps (Pop Slot Casino, MyKonami, etc.) like the page as well and you will have access to up to over 50.000 more chips. 

If you did all this you should have some thousand to play, before your first spin. The target is to get the maximum amount of Loyalty Points with the smallest bet possible.

For example, at level 5, if you bet 60 chips, it takes 8 spins to gain 10 LP. If you bet 300, it takes 6 spins to gain 10 LP. The rest is just basic math, 8 x 60 = 480 chips run through for 10 LP, whereas 300 x 6 = 1800 run through for the 10 LP. Remember this game works exactly like a real casino game. In the long run, you will lose. The more chips you run through, the more you lose, so it’s beneficial to run through fewer chips.

myVegas strategy guide – gaining more chips

The game is divided into three major phases. Here is the best myVegas strategy guide and tips to follow in order to gain as many Loyalty Ppoints as possible.

  • The first is from level 1 to 14. You can play with the hotels Monte Carlo, Circus Circus, New York New York (NYNY) and Mirage. Bets per line are 5,10, 20, auto-spins 10 and there are six available games.
  • The target is to maximize Loyalty Points. Every 8 spins you get 10 LPs, which accumulate pretty quickly. When you hit a bonus or a big jackpot, level up, or build a hotel, a pop up appears. It shows that you can share the event with your myVEGAS friends.
  • Do it in order to share extra chips and keep your friends.  To play optimally, ignore the increasing bets per line, and keep betting 60/spin. Keep in mind that the default bet is based on your chip stack. The higher your chip stack, the higher the default bet is. Pay attention to this, or you may quickly waste all your chips auto spinning on 25,000 chip/spin bets.
  • The second level is 15-57. You can play with the hotels Excalibur, Bellagio, Luxor, and Aria. Bets per line are 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and Auto Spins are 25, 50, 100. 
  • On this level game, you can find a game where you can bet 100/spin to get the 10 LP with only 9 spins. This is the optimal spin. You might get bored, but this is how you will collect the most Loyalty Points and increase your chip stack until you get to level 58.
  • The third level is 58-173. Hotels are Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, bets per line are 2000 and 5000 and Auto Spins 200. The optimal bet is 200/spin and it would take 22 spins to earn 10 LPs. As an alternative, you can bet 1000/spin and would take 6 spins for the same 10 LPs. In the first case, you spend 4400, in the second 6000, but it saves you time! 

This procedure continues as you level up. Imagine that there are some players which surpassed level 200, 400, 500, 1000 and even 5000 and keep collecting in order to turn them into loyalty points and from there to actual rewards! You can also win free nights at Hotels, free buffets, show tickets, food vouchers, trips etc. If you think a trip to Vegas is too expensive, think again and try myVegas.