Simple Combo bet – The big dream for the big win

Everything you want to know on how to place a simple Combo Bet.

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In addition to single bets, combination bets or combo bets are part of the standard repertoire for sports punters and bookmakers. We’ll show you everything there is to know about this popular type of bet, concrete examples of a simple Combo bet, and important tips.

What is a combo bet?

In the combo bet (short form for combination bet), two or more betting tips are combined into one overall bet within one betting slip. Very different sports betting (including horse racing) can be combined as desired. All betting tips must be winning ones for the bet to be considered won. If, for example, four separate bets are combined to form a combination bet, it is sufficient if one tip does not work out so that the entire sports bet is lost.

In contrast to single wagers, combo bets are particularly lucrative. Even without having to select an outsider to win, since you multiply the betting odds here. In this way, odds can grow very quickly and increase the stake ten or twenty times. 

But be careful: this type of bet is also much riskier than the single bet. 

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The more extensive the combination bet, the smaller the chances of winning. We will show you in detail how exactly this type of bet works. And how it differs from the individual bets in the next chapter.

The principle of the combo bet is relatively quick and easy to explain: Instead of placing four single bets separately, for example, you combine those into a total bet (fourfold accumulator bet). Accordingly, you place only only one bet. To win the bet, all four sports bets must be correct. 

Combined bets can be put together in any number of ways. Regardless of whether it is handicap betting, scorer bets or conventional winning bets – the various betting options can and should be exhausted.

But, what are the advantages of a combo bet since the chances are small? Quite simply: The betting odds make this type of betting so attractive for sports bettors such as doubles, trebles and accumulators. 

How to place a combo bet?

The total odds of the betting tips are calculated by multiplying the odds of the individual tips that are combined. A simple example: Instead of placing two single bets stakes, you decide on a double combo bet that looks like this:

  • Tip A Borussia Dortmund vs. RB Leipzig | Tip 1 | Quote 1.55
  • Tip B Benfica Lisbon vs. Manchester United | Tip 2 | Quote 1.80
  • Overall odds 2.79 (1.55 x 1.80)
  • Bet 10 euros
  • Profit of 27.90 euros Net profit of 17.90 euros

Be sure to choose the best bookmaker offer, so you will get the best odds for your combo bet. 

The total odds now result from the multiplication of the betting odds of tip A and tip B and amounts to 2.79. This principle of calculation is the same for all combination bets. If you place a 5-way combination bet, the five individual betting odds are multiplied to get the total odds.

This is in turn multiplied by the amount bet in order to calculate the final possible profit. A bet of 10 euros would result in a profit of 27.90 euros in our case. The net profit would amount to 17.90 euros.

If you split the same betting budget between the two betting tips – i.e. 2 x 5 euros – and placed two separate single bets the maximum profit would be only 6.75 euros. As you can see, there is a considerable difference! It is, therefore, no wonder that combo bets are so tempting. Their impressive odds and the sometimes very high amounts of possible winnings make punters select them particularly often.

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Tips to win your bet

The possible profit, which results from the sometimes very high overall odds and is therefore often very high, offers the main incentive to commit to this type of bet. However, many sports bettors understand how quickly a combination bet can fall over.

Often you feel the temptation just by viewing potential winnings. It’ s tempting, if you include a betting tip with odds of 2.00 in the combined bet, it doubles the possible profit.

In such cases, it is important to be careful! Because in this way, sports betting can quickly mutate into pure gambling. Of course, betting fun is at the forefront for many. But this can quickly turn into frustration if you place only high-risk combination bets, which you usually unfortunately lose.

You should always keep one thing in mind before placing such a sports bet: With two combined betting tips, in the case of 3-way bets (e.g. the result of a soccer match 1X2), there are nine different possible outcomes. In purely mathematical terms, the probability of winning – regardless of the respective odds – already drops to 11.1%. 

If we include the betting odds in our example above, we get a probability of 35.8% with a total odds of 2.79. This means that the combination bet does not work in almost two out of three cases! Even though we have bet on the favorites of the respective match on both occasions.


We do not want to advise you against combo bets. But you should always be aware of the significantly higher risk in comparison to single bets. The issue is to keep having fun as much as possible. Don’t chase for the miracle, chase for the selections to win. Make it done through a number of selections that are possible to happen.

Because there are different types of combination bets, in this article we focus only on simple combo bets. We don’t focus on a combo system bet which consists of multiple bets on a series of selections. We will cover multiple bet or full cover bet (e.g. doubles 4 trebles, 15 fourfolds 6 fivefold, 15 doubles 20 trebles, super heinz, lucky 15 etc) in another detailed article.

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