Single bet strategy and tips for a winning wager

Single bet meaning and how to maximize your winning chances by placing straight bets! Pros and cons for a single bet and how to value the Bookmaker odds

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It should come as no surprise that professional punters in online sports betting prefer single bets, given the comparatively low-risk factor. You can find out here which strategic options are behind this type of bet and how you can use them optimally. Betandslots presents a single bet strategy for free!

Straight bets work very easily and are therefore the most popular betting option among betting fans. It’s easier to select a match and calculate the low risk betting tips and all the details. Above all, it is definitely much more appropriate for a speed bet and win! 

However, this does not mean that there are no single bet strategies. On the contrary: there are some important points that you should definitely pay attention to. That is why we have collected the most helpful tips in a single bet strategy full presentation.

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What is a single bet?

What’s the single bet meaning? A single bet, is a straight bet on the outcome of an event with returns determined based on the amount staked and the odds offered. The higher the stake the higher the potential winnings.

In case the selection loses the bookmaker keeps the stake and returns nothing to the punter. If it’s a winning bet, the stake is multiplied by the odds to determine the potential profit, and both profit and stake are returned to the bettor.

The most important factor is that if you place a straight bet, the chance to succeed is comparatively high. This is related to the fact that you choose exactly one event and the betting tip is not tied to any other tip in an accumulator bet. 

However, lower risk and higher chances of winning do not mean that you should bet carelessly and thoughtlessly. Because risk minimization only has to do with the fact that your bet does not depend on any other event.

For example, if you bet on the outsider with betting odds of 6.80, the mathematical probability for winning your bet will be just 14.7% and the chances your selection loses or draws the match is 85.3%. Sports betting sites count on these factors. That’s why top bookmakers try to lure players offering higher odds.

You should, therefore, keep in mind that single bets do not automatically mean a safe win. Especially the ones with higher odds, which means fewer chances to succeed. At the same time, this example shows that you can also achieve lucrative profits with this type of bet.

You can try it out, finding the best offers and get your free bet, in the following list of the best online bookmakers in the iGaming betting market!

Why choose a single bet?

A single bet is characterized by its clarity and simplicity. Moreover, many betting fans don’t want big threats for their bet. While in the combination bet the individual bets are linked with each other and each one has to be pinned in order to ultimately win, with this type of bet it is entirely sufficient to type the correct result of a single event.

The chances of winning are therefore higher than in combination bets. On the other hand, straight bets are usually associated with a low profit – unless you bet on high odds. From a strategic point of view, this means, on the one hand, less gambling, on the other hand, you have more to lose here in a figurative sense.

This does not mean the amount wagered. Rather, it is due to the fact that with this type of bet you are much more likely to land a safe profit. This makes it all the more bitter if the bet is eventually lost. And this is exactly where the gathering of information comes into play!

Of course, it is essential for every type of football bet or before each sports bet placed to check the most important information in advance. But this is particularly valuable for single bets!

Tips for a winning simple bet

Here you can use your information head start to optimize your chances of winning. Before a soccer match, you should, therefore, inform yourself about the current form of the teams and get news about the teams. Taking a look at various statistics is definitely not a mistake!

Knowledge of the home and away strengths of the respective teams, selected tactics or other modalities will help you to place a successful sports bet and beat the Bookie.

Likewise, questions such as “How often does a particular player score against this or that team?” can be quickly obtained before placing a bet. Analyzing the last games can also support you in your decision as to whether you think a betting rate is good and appropriate.

In addition to this strategically important point, single bets are perfect for beginners to “try out” betting providers or to get to know their website or mobile app. If you are using one of the numerous welcome bonuses, we advise you to play it safe first, even if you can never be absolutely sure about sports betting.

Divide your sports betting budget into individual bets instead of concluding more lucrative and tempting combination bets. It is advisable to start with smaller bets in the range of 5 to 10 euros. Only with a larger budget should you switch to higher amounts.

Betting experts prefer single bets – A winning strategy

Real professionals rely almost exclusively on straight bets. Combined bets do offer bigger winnings because the betting odds are multiplied here and therefore have a special appeal. And that’s the simplest single bet strategy. Nevertheless, many try to avoid them as far as possible.

In the short term, your budget can be improved considerably, but professional sports bettors usually have a long-term strategy. Risk minimization and secure profits have top priority here. The reasoning is very simple: The probability of hitting the right result – like the outcome of a football match – is 1: 3.

The odds of winning are 33.33%. This value is already small enough for betting experts. Let’s consider this: Already with a combination bet, which contains three betting tips of a 3-way bet, there are 27 different betting options (3x3x3). The chance of a successful sports bet already drops to less than 4 per cent!

How to win a single bet

As you can see, those probabilities that take betting odds into account are completely ignored in this reserved single bet strategy. Real betting professionals or betting fans who want to make a living from sports betting look at everything from a somewhat more objective point of view.

This limits betting fun and bets lose their special charm, some of you will say, which is certainly partly correct. But earning real money is not the focus of this strategy. Endurance should literally pay off. Lost straight bets can be easily made up for.

Let’s take the following example, in which a total of four single bets with a small stake of 10 euros each are placed in your betting slip:

  • A. Tip odds 1.40 | Bet is won | Win 4 euros
  • B. Tip odds 1.50 | Bet is won | Win 5 euros
  • C. Tip odds 1.60 | Bet is won | Win 6 euros
  • D. Tip odds 1.70 | Bet is lost | Loss 10 euros

Net profit 5 euros

In this case, our betting professional has placed bets with a high chance of winning. While one is lost, the other three are all won. The bottom line is that he has a profit of 5 euros. With a little patience and discipline, this single betting strategy can significantly improve the sports betting budget.

Last but not least, search for the best bookmakers offer around the web. You will find out that the same bet is given at different odds. Take advantage of that.

Single bet strategy FAQ

Are single bets profitable?

Actually, combo bets are far more profitable, since the total odds are higher. And therefore, they are more lucrative. On the other hand, there are much smaller odds to win, since the more selections you have packed into a combination bet – the smaller and smaller the possibilities to win are.

This is something every inexperienced punter underestimates. Combo bets can make sense in exceptional cases and are actually more likely to be part of the excitement, at least according to the assessment of many betting experts.

If you really want a system betting, you should not combine more than 4 games in order not to mercilessly push the probability to win into the ground. Then you should also note that you should not choose the stakes particularly high due to the lower probability to win since a total loss threatens even if you lose a bet!

Single bets are clearly superior to accumulator bets in terms of bankroll and risk management, as well as long-term profitability! If you want to do professional sports betting and even plan to count some serious profits, you should usually play almost exclusively single bets.

How do I win a single bet?

For starters, you can read this article very carefully, especially the tips to win a simple bet. Remember, you can always start your journey playing for free, since the best online betting operators offer some great bonuses for new players.